ABUV Media

Corporate website for ABUV Media based in USA



ABUV Media company based in USA which offers services related to web properties. We have built this one page-long scrolling website for this client. This website is special as we have implemented the most popular and innovatic concept called – Parallax Scrolling. There are several properties on the websites which moves as you scroll and adds beautiful illusions and animation.




client testimonial

We have been working with Multidots for two years from now. Multidots was our third and hope fully last development team. They handle a lot of our business. They handle front-end, backend, all of the QA and QC process. Big part of our design and implementation phase and lot of data structure in the backend. They offer full technical-services in the back end for entire business. We have lot of websites in WordPress. And They have been doing fantastic job and supporting us for last few years for all our WordPress websites and requests. If we have to think about what makes relationship successfully between business and development organisation like Multidots. I find three things which comes in my mind. First quality of work and I think that has been exceptionally strong regarding. Second is communication and liability. They are able to communicate very frequently and also is very reliable on scheduling deadline – it’s really very imports for us. The third piece is emergency response like any technical crises related problem they give prompt response and attend the situation. Overall, Team Multidots is phenomenal.

 Doug Jones & Dan Schuessler

Co-Founder | ABUV Media