Advantages of Hiring UI/UX Design Service Providers for your Business

Advantages of Hiring UI/UX Design Service Providers for your Business Img
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While building a website has never been easier than it is now, making it pop and generate success is a bigger task than ever. 87 percent of managers consider user experience (UX) design a top priority, according to studies by Adobe. Enterprises can no longer get away with poorly designed user interfaces (UI) and little attention to customer experience.

As a downside to the widespread, beginner-friendly web development platforms out there, the internet is now full of false gurus and over-marketed “best practices” that generally don’t perform anywhere near as well as advertised. As a result, users end up abandoning websites because they don’t meet their needs and preferences.

Solid UI/UX design revolves around what your potential customers want, think, like, and feel. It’s not something you can guess, but something that requires serious attention and a proper set of skills and tools. If you’re serious about driving customers to your organization’s website, you can’t treat user experience like a lesser concern. You need a specialist to get the best results.

Benefits of Professional UI/UX Design for the Customers

UX defines the feel of your site and how the user will interact with it. If you build this element of your website on guesswork, everything else will suffer. A professional knows how to engage your customers and determine exactly what your target audience wants, enabling them to provide the best experience possible.

The quality of your UX concept will shine through in the UI and all other aspects visible to the user. While there are multiple benefits for professional UI/UX design services, we wanted to highlight a few undeniable advantages that you can expect.

Better Accessibility and Readability

UI experts have the know-how to make your offers easily accessible to users where they browse. This helps to make the most of content management systems (CMS) to maximize the visibility, consistency, and user-friendliness of your site.

Not every user is the same age, nor do they have the same lifestyles or levels of IT proficiency. They browse websites differently using different devices, browsers, and internet connections.

Therefore, your organization needs a responsive design that works for all types of users across all types of devices. In an increasingly mobile world, using bandwidth-thirsty websites means turning your back on a big part of the market that attempts to utilize your website on the go.

Faster, More Engaging Pages

Fancy graphics and impressive content may wow visitors, but they can also increase load times. Slow pages and clutter will turn users away.

Balancing style and performance is a tricky endeavor and not something you want to leave to amateurs. A rather large percentage of online shoppers simply abandon the site if loading a page takes more than three seconds. Users don’t accept slow load times, and neither should you.

Unnecessary UI elements confuse users and break sales funnels. However, if something that is expected, required, or otherwise useful to your audience is missing from the page/site, that’s just as bad.

How are mid-size companies and enterprise organizations supposed to determine which is which? Ideas that sound good in theory are useless or even harmful if they don’t sit well with your audience or stakeholders. Top-level UI/UX designers are thoroughly experienced with this balancing act and will communicate with your audience in order to ensure that their every need is met.

A Well-Organized Site

Your organization’s information architecture is the website’s backbone, and its quality dictates the functionality of everything else.

As a physical example, just imagine a large retail store such as IKEA. The seemingly maze-like design helps to optimize the use of space, exposure to products, and user engagement. Now imagine it without the signs, arrows, and dividing walls. It would cause a mess instead of elegantly leading the customer’s journey along with tempting offers and toward the checkout.

Good UI/UX design works just like that. By mapping out your website correctly, you make it easy for your team to extend and organize content, and for the customer to browse and buy.

Optimal Performance

High performance affects every quality of your website, including visibility. Search engines favor fast, consistent pages. Plus, performance errors give a terrible impression which increases bounce rates and further drops your page rank.

Moreover, it’s much harder to work on dysfunctional websites than optimized ones. Hiring UI/UX specialists instead of overwhelming your development team makes the entire project easier for everyone in the long run.

Business Insights

Since the aim of UI/UX design is to match the user’s mind, gaining insights into how they use your site is essential. However, this can be a challenge. How do you get reliable feedback from users? Unless your customer base consists entirely of young marketing bloggers, copying some allegedly successful formula from a marketing blog is unlikely to drive any conversions.

Your target audience isn’t your own developers or project managers, so letting their preferences and theories lead the way is unwise. Users won’t love a new design just because the designer thought so. Success is all about your customers.

Hiring a UI/UX designer helps your organization gather better user data and translate it into specific goals that boost revenue and customer satisfaction.

By tapping into the customer’s mind and finding where their needs and preferences truly overlap with your business, the designers can create a truly engaging design for your audience. Providing you with real feedback from real people talking about their real experiences with your site.

Addressing Your Customer Base

Now, you need to leverage those user insights correctly. While it’s common knowledge that not every site caters to everyone, many site owners forget that projects don’t always attract the exact group you originally expected. Sometimes, this leads marketers and developers to bark up the wrong trees and achieve very little.

You may be neglecting massive untapped audiences by optimizing your UI and SEO for another target audience that isn’t responding. Oftentimes, this happens due to over-marketed rumors that circulate the web and confuse developers. It’s hard to discern the truth, but specialized UI/UX designers know the right ways.

To engage customers and win their trust, a website needs an appropriate voice or persona that users can relate to. People’s shopping decisions are primarily emotional, not rational.

When you know your audience, you can speak their language and tailor your UI/UX design to them. Furthermore, hiring UI/UX design specialists helps you develop new personae to accommodate a growing audience. This is key to solid scalability and customer retention.

Drive Conversions and Customer Loyalty

On the bustling modern web, users know they have options, so they’ll abandon unappealing sites in favor of ones that suit them better. Leveraging eCommerce with UX is a big part of lasting success.

Understanding your audience and catering to their preferences translates into more time spent on your site, and thus a greater likelihood of purchases repeated visits. Plus, it’s more likely that they’ll spread the word. A study by Adobe found that 38 percent of visitors tend to leave sites if the content or UI looks bad to them.

While SEO, marketing, and sales funnels are important, you can’t neglect the good old-fashioned word of mouth. People talk. They leave reviews and ratings. Actual human opinions weight heavier and can boost or harm your success more than any outreach tactics.

What’s more, hiring UI/UX design services helps you make the most of social sharing. Placing the right social media sharing links in the correct places and encouraging users to click them is fine art. With social interactions, you’ll reach your target audience more easily for better marketing and insights.

Build Brand Recognition

On today’s hyper-competitive online market, you won’t get away with bland and generic designs. If you stand out from the crowd with a high-quality UI that drives home the point of your organization, users are more likely to remember you.

Even if you offer something unique with no direct competitors, brand recognition is important. Rivals will inevitably pop up. Plus, stale user experience on a fresh and forward-thinking enterprise site causes


By hiring UI/UX design services, you gain the benefit of prototyping. By comparing the mockups of UI/UX design ideas before fleshing out the final product, you can achieve better results with less work and lower costs. Letting users try these designs out and report on them gives you a clear picture of what works and what doesn’t.

This way, you won’t run into situations where you need to make big changes to an almost finished design, which of course would be expensive and time-consuming. As a result, you can reduce the time and money spent on estimations. Since you can prototype almost everything involved in the project, critical errors are much easier to detect and address before launch.

Do You Need Help With UI/UX Development?

Whether you’re running a startup or a well-established enterprise, Multidots can give you a one-stop solution for all your web development needs. We specialize in enterprise development, mobility, and UI/UX services.

The benefits mentioned above are just the tip of a very big iceberg when you partner with us for your UI/UX design needs. The central focal point for our entire development process is to zero in on the core needs of your end users in order to provide them with the ideal user experience.

We not only adopt the structured process right from blueprints, wireframes, prototypes, and mockups, but we infuse life into your designs as well.

For more information on how UI/UX consulting can finally give your customers that top-level experience, contact us today.

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