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Page load speed is a significant factor that search engines take into consideration before ranking any website on its search results. Search engines do not show websites in top results if the pages take a long time to load. If the website is not showing up in top results for the searched keywords, the traffic will be lower, which leads to fewer conversions and has a deep impact on Lead Generation. ABUV Media’s ‘Learn How To Become’ site had problems with page load speed.


  • The ‘Learn How to Become’ site had deep problems with page load speed, and it was negatively affecting keyword rankings in Google’s result pages.
  • The user bounce rate was very high.
  • Security was a problem, with random users posting inappropriate language on the site’s forums.
  • ABUV Media needed someone that has experience fixing these technical SEO issues, along with someone that understands the lead generation business.


  • At Multidots, we strategized with the ABUV Media team and rolled out a plan to fix the site’s various problems.
  • We took every single page of the website, ran tests and established benchmarks for page load speed. We fixed the underlying issues, increased the overall user experience and optimized the site to win in Google search engine results for the target keywords.
  • We optimized the code, plugins, and databases for faster responses. We removed bad code that was causing slow rendering.
  • Multidots also increased the security of the website by removing and optimizing plugins, adding filters to the forms and adding smart blockers.


  • The ‘Learn How To Become’ site has become a site that loads at lightning speed, resulting in improved keyword Rankings.
  • Learn How To Become’ was not as effectively monetized before this optimization by Multidots. This project facilitated ABUV Media to monetize the site which leads to new revenue.
  • Their vision of a single database multisite where information could be quickly and deployed across 50 sites in one go.
  • We significantly optimized their page load performance and Google ranking. With a 60% improvement in page-load speed from 4.5 to 1.5 seconds, the websites saw lower bounce rates and substantial business growth.
  • We gained ABUV Media’s trust as their preferred third-party technical solutions provider.

To bring our vision of a single database multisite to life, we knew that Multidots would be the perfect partner. We wanted to be able to quickly make replica sites that could be managed from the same spot, and be able to create multiple versions of the same site from a single content management system. Multidots fulfilled this and more and were reliable, communicative and skillful throughout their dealings with us. The work they completed has truly transformed our business and we would work with them again in a heartbeat.

Company Info:

The Learn How to Become domain is owned and operated by ABUV Media, a fast-paced online media publisher specializing in building and growing outstanding, content-rich websites that inform and engage readers on topics such as education and personal finance. These websites help visitors explore online institutions by providing lists of high schools and colleges across the US that offer virtual learning.