Sneaking in Trending News & Reviews for Sneakers


Re - engineering Sneaker News Website with WordPress VIP

Multidots proposed this entire system to be re-engineered for enhancements under the Enterprise WordPress platform with WordPress VIP being the most stable & secure platform to build, maintain & scale-up such a large transaction portal. The Sneaker News website was decided to be developed under WordPress VIP, as the single backbone for all content management requirements delivered through this flexible managed platform. With Multidots experts on the team, technology integrations & revamp strengthened Sneaker News. With our rich experiences in offering content management solutions to suit diverse business requirements, we initiated suitable customizations to design a perfect CMS to keep allowing Sneaker News to effectively publish, curate & manage engaging content.

Multidots set out to overcome the biggest challenge as faced by Sneaker News, managing dynamic content with our well thought of end-to-end WordPress solution & support. A robust content management system based on WordPress with an equally competent backend drives prompt publishing of the ever growing & changing information with ease & efficiency. The seamless integrations of APIs for newer business logics and apps becomes a huge advantage today for Sneaker News. The addition of an iOS App for all Apple devices including the Apple Watch is in the offing too.

CMS Website Development

Our team built an advanced, WordPress-based CMS Websites – and both relating to sneaker news & reviews making extensive use of WordPress functionalities like pages, posts and categories following all the best practices & standards related to code generation & WordPress.

eBay API Integration

Both the websites are integrated with eBay API allowing visits to eBay and purchase sneakers. This allows consolidating affiliate revenues.

WordPress Plugin Customization

Plugins have been customized to include the social sharing count feature including functionalities that allow visitors to rate categories and tags too.

The Ratings Allow to rate the users in:
  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Categories
  • Tags
Post Snippets Allow the usage of:
  • Shortcodes

WordPress - Theme Development

A custom theme using HTML5 and CSS3 was built from scratch that would easily sync with an existing HTML database. The theme is easily managed by administrator and the interface plays a major role in methodical management of content and creation of customized workflows leading to simplified & easily accessible options & features.

Design, color options and templates vary according to your expectations as well and these can all be upgraded, changed, enhanced later. The new age custom made as well as self-service dashboards are used extensively for improving visibilities.

Putting a central back - end system to drive the Show

The Release Dates section on both Sneaker News and Jordans Daily are the most visited. This is the section the visitors look forward to the most since it contains frequent updates on upcoming sneaker launch dates. To manage information for these sections, a central back-end system has been built using Push and Pull API System using Core PHP Framework. Whenever, a visitor rates a sneaker including a specific category or tag, the information is relayed to the central system from where it passes on to the other website for improved collaboration.

We have also synchronized the news & posts with both the mobile APP and website through Rest API.

Assuring Corporate Security

Security features & security levels that are needed may not get addressed to in the readymade CMS frameworks. Some of the security features of the CMS platforms may create an issue with the license of your software or may disturb the functionality of your application.

Moreover, automated bots and attackers know how exactly these systems work and are vulnerable to the attacks more.

Solution Highlights

  • 01Increased speed & efficiency of the website
  • 02Better sharing of components & their optimizations
  • 03Derive a common theme framework for a unique look & feel
  • 04Inclusion of engaging templates and easy to use features
  • 05Methodical implementation of SEO best practices & standards
  • 06Streamlining multiple business logic into one

The Multidots Services

  • Offered a test job to qualify the skill required to perform the job before a formal contract
  • Provided a team of highly experienced WordPress Developers with Multisite and fairly complex CMS management in WordPress
  • Provided frontend developers with expertise on SEO semantic code
  • Qualified WordPress Leads with immense experience managing the remote client and workflow management as Scrum Master
  • Solution Analysts for better understanding of business problem, flow and suggesting the right solutions for key problems
  • Basecamp and Agile methodology for better remote team and release management

Milestones & Achievements

01Consulting 02Design 03Web App Developement 04Database Designing 05Web Services Development 06Mobile Application Developement 07QA 08DevOps(Server Management) 09Front-end

Key Takeaways

When Sneaker News leveraged WordPress as the CMS supported by Multidots as the affiliated VIP partner in collaboration, the results were encouraging.

  • 30% efficiency gain in reaching a wider subscribers base
  • 3+ years of successful partnership and series of success stories
  • Global Alexa rank increased by 1418 positions in just 3 months after Go-Live

Key Takeaways - ( Then & NOW )

  • 01Direct API Calls
  • 02Unstable DB Structure
  • 03Older UI with lesser engagement
  • 04Ad hoc expansion of website pages
  • 05Similar interfaces & element for diverse content types
  • 01REST APIs using endpoints.
  • 02Restructures tables & DB structure as per WP VIP standards.
  • 03Seamless & uniform UIs across channels for effective engagement.
  • 04Imporoved entire site structure and navigation.
  • 05Unified logic for content updates & content specific elements and with focus on better user experience


Multidots Services What it Means for You

For content management solutions tailored to suit your very special requirements with our WordPress customizations service offerings right from content management to maintenance, Multidots is your end-to-end content management partner designing enterprise websites to integrate with business logic & software to drive more.

Service & Offerings
  • Customized CMS creation & application development
  • Customized interfaces to suit corporate themes & preferences
  • Tailormade dashboards for ready insights
  • Existing CMS application maintenance as well as customization
  • CMS Integration & Migration services
  • Website development using open source CMS
  • Easily modifiable site structures
  • Assured security features
  • Customized as well as ready templates
  • No knowledge of web development or HTML required
  • Websites that are SEO friendly can be easily designed
  • Improvement in site traffic with faster content publishing
  • Significant reduction in website maintenance costs
  • Guaranteed web content security with roles & authorizations
  • Responsive & trending designs
  • Continual management & CMS maintenance