Freelancers Vs Agencies, Which One to Choose?

Freelancers Vs Agencies, Which One to Choose? Img
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The world is shrinking day by day due to the vivid range of technology options available and the growing usage of the internet.  For every other thing on the internet, there is a website or mobile app which can provide the required information about that new technology. And the individuals, as well as the organizations, have to be in sync with the proliferating technology options. They need to hire developers – be it mobile or web – to grow their business eventually. What could be more advantageous – Freelancers or Agencies? Let us explore in this blog post.

Did you know??

According to a report from Internet Live Stats, the number of daily searches on Google is 3.5 billion.

Another report by statista states that the smartphone users are expected to grow to a whopping 2.87 billion.

From the above statistics, it can be inferred that for businesses to remain in the market it is very important for them to grow their internet presence along with the mobile.

Well, most of the needs of a business can be catered at a single place with the help of a dedicated development model, whereby different types of developers are available within a single organization. This model is especially for those who want to quickly ramp up their development with the help of specialized skills. This approach is beneficial in many ways as compared to hiring freelancers.

Let us explore why hiring developers from a company is an advantage over freelancers.

Hire developers from a company and not a freelancer

1. Dedicated developers are easy to manage:
  • With the freelancers, there is a lot of work involved in their management as the work is not coordinated from a central point. Various processes that are involved become more haphazard and more difficult to be coordinated. Such things can take a toll on the project manager. To diminish this, you should consider hiring developers from a company, which would give you daily updates about the project from a single representative of the team. This will allow you to remain free for some time, getting your work done in an easy manner.
2. A sense of security:
  • If you hire developers from a company, it becomes their responsibility to make sure that your project and data are highly secure and are done in a stipulated time.
  • Every developer has a unique approach to a particular project and a different style of coding. Even though there are defined coding standards and best practices available, there is still some room for interpretation. If different developers make changes on a single project, it is more likely to have a negative effect on your website. In the worst scenario, if freelancers won’t practice good change, then it could become very difficult to retain the efficiency and effectiveness of your website.  
3. Vivid range of resources:  
  • When you hire developers from a company, you can have direct access to your resources throughout the development cycle of your project. Further, when you hire a developer from a company you might get different add-ons such as infrastructural facilities, a favorable environment for development, communication facilities, etc.
  • Also, when the project is given to the company, there is easy backup resource management as they can scale up their team up or down as per the elastic needs.
4. Control and observe the project closely:
  • It is customary that most of the development companies give updates about the project progress, daily activities, and the project charter of the developer. The hired developers ensure the timely completion of the project as they make utilization of the project management software to track the progress of your project.
5. Robust Support:
  • If you hire a developer from a company, you will be able to get customer support as and when required. This will help you in solving the queries or issues, if encountered while monitoring the project. They also have a proper system for communication while dealing with customers and delivering development projects. This also proves beneficial while giving the proper status of the ongoing project to the clients/customers.
6. Enhance your brand:
  • While working with the developers from a particular company, consistency is maintained during the development of the project.
  • Also, it is seen that the design of a website has a strong impact on the brand, which can be either enhanced or diminished due to the design, depending on how well the design is executed.
  • Any company which can understand the long-term goal and vision of the brand will be able to translate that to your website efficiently. But this won’t be a case with the freelancers.
7. Enhanced efficiency:
  • Hiring developers from a company enhances the efficiency of the project, effectively streamlining the overall workflow of the project.
8. Reduced Cost:
  • It is usually seen that developers hired from a company are able to operate at a cost lower than hiring freelancers for the different processes of a particular project.
  • This also minimizes the risk of doing the same job twice because of the discrepancies found in the project that has been already done. Further, the company will own a dedicated team of quality assurance professionals, who could easily check the quality of the project at different stages of the project, ensuring a robust and bug-free project.


We all are aware that most of the projects require to be updated on a regular basis. It is, therefore, better to hire developers from a company to complete the project on time than to deploy different freelancers at different points of time.

What are your thoughts about hiring a developer from a company? If you have contradicting thoughts than those stated above, feel free to share with us in the comments below.

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