Google Doc-Style
Editorial Commenting for WordPress

Content Collaboration made
easy for WordPress

The ability to leave comments and suggestions during the content review is currently unavailable in the WordPress Gutenberg editor limiting collaborative publishing. When multiple team members need to review content, publishers often use Google Docs to edit and comment collaboratively. Multidots created a plugin that allows Google-Doc Style editorial commenting within the WordPress Gutenberg editor. The plugin eliminates time-consuming steps and the need to move content out of the editor for collaborative work.

Key Features

Inline Comment

Add inline-comment to any text in your blog post for review by other users.

Reply & Resolve

Reply to comment or close the comment thread by marking it as resolved.

Activity Center

Keep a tab on all the comment activities by all the users collaborating in the post/page.

Email Notifications

Get an email notification for new comments, reply, and resolve activities.

Hide all Comments

Temporarily hide all the comments from a click of a button for a clean content editing interface.

Compatible with these
Gutenberg Blocks

This plugin is compatible with a range of Gutenberg blocks allowing
comments to be placed across a large-section of your content.

Other Important Notes

  1. This plugin is still in beta and advisable to use in the production environments.
  2. This plugin is not tested for all the custom blocks; however, it should work on most of the “text” based blocks. 
  3. This plugin is not designed for the WordPress Classic Editor and will not work. 
  4. Our team has tested this plugin only for WordPress version 5.0 to 5.5.3 with PHP version 5.6 to 7 and Gutenberg version 5.0. We don’t know if this will work for other versions of WordPress, PHP, and Gutenberg. 
  5. This plugin is compatible with WordPress Multisite
  6. We strongly advise using the latest version of this plugin. 


Contact Multidots

If you need help customizing this plugin for your editorial workflow, get in touch with us.

Try content collaboration through editorial commenting for your WordPress website.