Copyright AllianceMr. Keith, Owner

“We use Multidots to overhaul our entire Copyright Alliance website, and they really went above and beyond our expectations. We worked in nights. We worked on weekends. As I have heard, Multidots is – Brilliant, Effective, and Timely. Above all, in Budget.”

ABUV MediaDoug Jones & Dan Schuessler, Owner

“First-rate quality of work, Communication and liability, and a prompt responsiveness – is what the foundation for our lasting relationship from five years. Overall, Multidots’ team is phenomenal to work with.”

ZenPeakFrank Abrams, CEO

“I went with an evaluation phase with Multidots and I was very pleased with them. I am very impressed with their capabilities and what they have done for me.”

3rdiMr. Scott, Owner

“Never before I have experienced such responsiveness. Never before my expectations have reached to such a level of creativity in ideation or in graphics and animation. And never before I have worked with people who are unbelievably charming and generous to work with.”

ClearTail MarketingMagee Clegg, Managing Director

“We have been working together for more than two years, doing a no of projects that range from WordPress development to CakePHP, custom development and javascript also. I work with them on regular basis, they have excellent communication. Its very easy to get projects done, very quickly. Really great operations they have set up to complete the projects.”

Give WPDevin Walker, Founder and Head of Product

“Whenever the team is working on something it communicates, they do so effectively. They’re very responsive and very easy to work with, whether be get hub or communicate on skype the team is always there and always willing to do job”

Tuscan Hills LLCArielle Trabona, Director & John Onembo, Manager

“Being a design company we have a lot of ideas on how things should work. We really wanted a lot of creative control and Multidots was right there with us the whole time. Very Responsive and never let us down. Great job Multidots. Thank you for everything you have done for us.”

Vonk Digital LLC.Vinnie Balsamo, Director & Co-Founder

“I started working with Multidots probably a year ago now, they’ve been absolutely amazing. I needed a company that can help me with my WordPress plugin that we created 3 years back.They’ve made a bunch of changes into it, fix it and improved it. I am so impressed with the follow-up and their unbelievable services. I highly recommend them and definitely plan using them for years to come.”

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