The growing demand from consumers for intelligent apps on their smartphones, especially android phones and iPhones, has given a way to the question of selecting the best mobile application development platform. Developers working with mobile applications can select from various operating systems such as android,  iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Hybrid app.

Points to remember for mobile apps development

When a question arises that which platform is best suited for your needs, the answer lies in a methodical approach. There are many pros and cons associated with every mobile application operating system. Consider the following points before creating your apps:

  • Determine the type of audience for whom you are developing the app. If the audience is the general market, then consider android or iOS application development. Alternatively, if you are targeting a specific business community who are looking for advanced features, consider Blackberry. But the analysis says that Blackberry is going to have just 0.3% of market share by 2018. It has just 0.5% market share as per current statistics (2014). So it is good to go with android and iOS.
  • Understand the users’ mode of operating the app, as this would make a significant difference. Does the user prefer simple features or something more complex? If users prefer a quiet application that runs in the background, consider going in for android. You can also go with iOS, but it has few limitations in the background run.
  • Assess the monetary value of your app as a low-priced app may not attract the type of audience that best suits your needs. If you want to target iOS users, high pricing would attract a niche crowd; after all your users are investing in an expensive iPhones and iPads.

Stay up-to-date by reading up and doing research on the various permutations and combinations available in mobile application development.

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