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Android App Development

High quality android mobile apps built to capture, engage and retain your audience. Whether it is developing a native or hybrid app, we are the go-to agency for your back-end and front-end development needs. Using a flexible approach, our android mobile developers work with you to address your brand’s unique challenges through well-crafted, thoughtful mobile applications.

Prompt Iterations, strategy and on-demand communication from us will allow you to reach your milestones quickly. Multidots acts more than just a design & development agency. We will be your partners allowing you to focus on your business’s growth while taking care of your technical requirements. Each project is handled by a team of experienced Android Developers, UI Designers, Project Manager and QA Specialists.

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Key Projects

  • flipped
  • mbono
  • clicky
  • selfie-box
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iOS App Development

Mobile apps are wonderful tools to connect with your audience in a new way. With Apple’s iOS Devices reaching more people across the globe, we help your brand reach them through a custom-built mobile app for your brand. Our iOS App Developers have been building world-class products for these unique devices using modern technologies.

Our unique process allows us to deliver faster, smarter and scalable iOS Applications within a timeframe and budget that suits you. Your iOS App is designed to function perfectly and look beautiful. We understand the importance of delivering a consistent mobile experience across different iOS device and version types. With a full-stack development and QA team by our side, we make this happen smoothly.

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Key Projects

  • sneaker-news
  • drycleaner
  • day-six
  • driver-butler
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Wearable App Development

Wearable app development requires thorough research about your users and their problems/needs. Wearable applications have to be designed to allow users to enhance their existing real-life experience. If you try and include all the details that you include in a mobile app, your app will be a disaster. A smartwatch app has to be more subtle so that it allows users to carry on their tasks without distractions.

Our team does not get straight to designing and developing your app. We understand the profile of your audience and how your app is going to help them. Next, we analyze when users will be using your app including the environment. People use apps on the move. So, your app has to factor that. We also take into account how they interact with devices – taps, gestures, button usage etc.

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Case studies we are proud of…

  • Executive Search, Local and hidden Job Alerts - Zenpeak

    Newspapers and online job boards are no longer the only means to search jobs. Mobile is quickly taking over. A 2014 Glassdoor Survey states 9 out of 10 job seekers use a mobile device for job search. Across the globe, mobile job search is as high as 83% in most of the countries.

    ZenPeak Recruiters approached Multidots Solutions Pvt. Ltd to leverage the advantages of the mobile platform to fuel their recruitment business.

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  • 3rdi - An education mobile app targeted towards teens

    To ensure that teens don’t digress towards a troubled life, 3rdi, was built to help them mindfulness exercise. This native android app allows teens to meditate and focus on their inner self.

    Multidots has been the trusted mobile development partner for 3rdi for Daisy M. Pascualvaca, Ph. D. and Associates. We have provided complete support to them right from the design & development stage to the app’s launch & upgrades. We offered the following services

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Enterprise / Business Mobile Apps
Mobile Start-ups
Android Certified Developers
Mobile Developers

We build mobile applications for

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  • https://fahct2b1pza330wrq3fw3xiu-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/themes/flexformlatest-child/images-new Enterprise Scale

We make mobile apps in

  • https://fahct2b1pza330wrq3fw3xiu-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/themes/flexformlatest-child/images-new Android
  • https://fahct2b1pza330wrq3fw3xiu-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/themes/flexformlatest-child/images-new IOS

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Terms and Conditions for Employee Referral Program(ERP)

Multidots Solutions Private Limited is an equal-opportunity employer, providing full-time employment opportunity to deserving candidates. We encourage everyone to refer talented and experienced individuals, through our referral program.

Referral’s (Candidate) Eligibility

The following criteria are needed to be fulfilled by the referral for the receipt of Employment Referral rewards:

General Criteria:
Referrer’s Eligibility

The Employee Referral Program of Multidots Solutions Private Limited is open to all. Company employees (Dots), clients and outsiders – all are eligible for this program and, to receive the rewards as applicable. Human Resource Department is exempt from the ERP. Full-time and work-from-home* referral positions, both are covered through this scheme.

*Work-from-home option is allowed for the professionals, based out of Gujarat. Mutual agreement between referral and the company, will be a considerable factor for work-from-home.

Referral Bonus Disbursement

If the referrer and referral both are eligible as per the decided criteria, referral bonus worth INR 50,000 will be awarded to the referrer. The conditions for the release of payment are as follows:

  1. 10% of the referral amount will be paid once the referral completes 30 days at Multidots, from the date of joining.
  2. 90%, i.e. the pending referral amount will be released on the completion of 180 consecutive days by referral at Multidots.
How to Refer?

Employment referrals can be submitted to us through these channels:

For any further clarification, HR Team can be contacted directly.