The Partner & Chief Operations Officer of Potential Project International was on two days visit to Multidots. Potential Project is a Sweden based global leadership training, organizational development and research firm. The CEO of Potential Project Rasmus Hougaard along with Jacqueline Carter has written a book named “Mind of Leaders”, the content of which focuses on enhancing the efficiency of the working individuals by training their minds with the help of mindfulness, thereby, making great leaders.

In order to propagate mindfulness and effectively communicating with the readers, Potential Project team came up with a lot of innovative ideas and Multidots’ project team successfully delivered the app “MOL- Mind of Leaders” for their global rollout. The app is available on both iTunes and Google Play for download.

Mr. Robert during his visit to Multidots shared insights on how the involvement of Multidots project team had been beneficial and the objective they could achieve in record time.

It was quite encouraging and insightful for the offshore development team to spend time with Mr. Robert on technical sessions.

And the day 2 was a big bonus for the whole of Dots family as Mr. Robert spent his most valuable time & presented what Mindfulness is?

The brief session highlighted and covered quite unknown topics like ADT(Attention Deficit Trait), Paid reality and why Corporate Mindfulness,  some of the downsides of wandering mind, the most productive working, necessity of mindfulness, etc.

It was a wonderful opportunity for all the Dots to exchange their ideas through Q&A sessions. It was quite interactive and insightful.

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