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Cloud computing is the business-centric concept of outsourcing services and the technology-centric notion of utility computing. The primary objective of cloud application has been to provide user-centric functionalities and services for users to build customized cloud computing environments. Variety of businesses prefer to set cloud applications for several different reasons – from lowering capital expenses, reducing operational expenses, to augmenting business agility. Multidots derived a common thread in utilizing cloud applications services by different businesses, which is to speed up time-to-market and make the customized application accessible at anytime, anywhere and on any device.

In order to reduce time-to-market of new features and products through cloud applications, Multidots leverages the inexhaustible power of diverse modern development practices, including agile development, continuous development (CD), and continuous integration (CI). Experienced and certified developers, software project managers, and top-notch infrastructure are few of the invaluable assets which are essential requirements when implementing continuous software development. Moreover, the DevOps trend at Multidots has given the rise to a number of methodologies giving developers the tools they need to enhance accuracy, to improve quality, to deliver better products with fewer bugs, and to implement dynamic scaling while dealing with SaaS applications. In a sentence, we are natural at building capabilities and making your business smarter, intelligent, and dynamic.

Multidots’ cloud application services help customers:

  • To accelerate the software application lifecycle via CD and CI, by leveraging the infrastructure resources (virtual machines, storage, and networking), for the cloud.
  • To build their own cloud-based business applications through SaaS app development.
  • To migrate or integrate client’s applications to the best cloud computing model i.e. public, private or hybrid
  • To make client’s businesses flexible, agile, and scalable while eliminating Capex and drastically reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Why Multidots

At Multidots, we offer the high calibre adroitness in building customized applications that address the unique requirement of Software as a Service. Our highly skilled team of professionals have ability to build a robust, secure, and efficient application architecture to support multi tenancy which is the heart of SaaS applications. Multidots can provide full application development life cycle service from analysis to design, development to testing, deployment and finally maintenance.

Salient features:

  • Proven expertise in planning and developing the applications for distributed platforms that meet your business needs
  • Use of latest technologies and design patterns
  • Proficiency in designing multi tenant architecture and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to support your business model
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I was recommended Multidots by a friend and I have not been disappointed. Team was very helpful and gave valuable advice for putting together my requirements. They were also always available, both day and night, to answer any questions thorough out the development process. In addition, the team worked tirelessly on my website, implementing all my requirements immediately, with daily feedback on all stages of the website development. I would highly recommend using Multidots to work on your project.

Melanie Tappin

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