The minimum viable product approach or the MVP development brings in agility to mobile app development by the very innovative tactic of build-measure-learn feedback loop. A modern-day approach to delivering more in lesser time, minimum viable product development at Multidots starts with identifying the requirements of the app, followed by developing a minimum viable product acceptable & usable by the first set of users. Followed by a proactive process of self-learning, the feedback loop is triggered to continuously measure, learn & build actionable metrics to keep improving the app.

MVP consolidates the very practical incremental software development approach dividing the app development into smaller iterations. While the traditional incremental model involves building a small part of the software at each stage which is not completely functional but will obtain a fully working software at the end of all the iterations; the alternative approach suits the MVP approach better and involves building small functional set of modules that are tested and deployed in each iteration.

“We were short of time & in a hurry to grab our first few customers to start with. Multidots came to the rescue by launching our app which was very critical to our Startup. With continuous analysis & our feedbacks, Multidots helped us mature the app & the services delivered through the app slowly & steadily” …      –  CEO of A Lean Startup Company in the USA

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Multidots - Bringing in Agility with MVP Development Services

We recognize that MVP development complements the agile development process by making sure that each product development iteration is driven intelligently by us. We plan the MVP methodically by understanding the goals of the app as well as the end user expectations to be fulfilled. Once reconfirmed, our experts chalk out definite strategy to plan the actions defining the MVP. All throughout the cycle we keep a check on the insights gathered from the feedback loop to reconfirm our assumptions regarding the market, user expectations and the general performance of the app to keep re-iterating and helping you deliver the best to your clients.

This creation of deployable pieces of software with new functionalities at the end of each iteration assures agility, the modern-day mantra for app development.

Cost Effectiveness

Our incremental approach to app development circumvents the large investments for creating a complete app with exhaustive features in the first go. An app released with minimal core functionalities in the market offers better chances of avoiding mistakes in subsequent iterations saving a lot of unnecessary efforts and costs thus incurred.

Quicker Go-Market

Our mature MVP approach launches your app into the market in smaller steps, taking the first step quite quickly. The earlier you introduce your app into market, the earlier you reach your targeted audience and cater to their requirements better.

Analyzing Feedback & Measures

We help you analyze customer feedback and their opinion of the launched products. Our analysis of the measures of the app helps us devise actionable plans to refine the app continuously.

MVP Development Services the Key to Agile Development

MVP Development Services the Key to Agile Development
  • Understand the requirements
  • Conceptualize the app & develop
  • Launch the app with minimal resources
  • Continuous learning about the app
  • Re-engineer the app
  • Relaunch more effective minimal viable app

Industries we serve

With an accurate MVP strategy in place, Multidots assures the most practical approach to app development for an agile world and assures quicker value realizations for apps delivered for a diverse set of industries like Education, Sales & Distribution, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail & FMCG, Shipping & Logistics, Energy & Utility, e-Governance, Online Marketplaces and Digital Media & Advertisement.

Multidots gathers insights for clients across the globe for their MVP apps to keep refining & enriching functionalities.

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