.Net Application Development

Programming excellence enables the Multidots’ team with the superb capabilities of developing mobile, desktop and web applications. Having no compatibility issues with the desired devices, browsers, operating systems, our applications are guaranteed to serve the purposes they are created for. Empowering the enterprises and companies of all sizes, our organisation ensures to deliver the supreme user experience (UX) through our deployments.

Our global and enriched range of clients love the way our specialists make use of Waterfall or Agile methods, Visual Basic.Net , C#.net , .net MVC, WEB API, HTML5, Angular JS, Database technologies and other supporting tools to create efficient, highly functional, data rich and extremely secure applications for your cross platform or cloud requirements. Collaboratively developing the best enterprise applications, our developers are well acquainted with the core and advanced skills of the .NET technology.

Our .NET Development Services

Multidots has attained equal perfection in the development of mobile, eCommerce, desktop, web, business and enterprise solutions using DOT NET. All in all, our team specialises in providing all kind of development and support services for this powerful and light-weight technology, falling under the range –

Enterprise .Net Application Development

Our Model View Controller approach of dividing the presentation, deployment and UI tasks carefully allows us to create the extensible and highly flexible applications, which are extremely secured and performance perfect.

MVC Web Development

Deep experience of developing the web applications make us quick and flawless in MVC based web development. Using the latest versions of frameworks and their standards, we create high performing web apps in a timely fashion.

Azure Cloud Applications

Our expertise in Azure for cloud apps is thorough and proven. We provide distributed application development services, mobile and cloud services, data-oriented applications, migration assistance for Windows applications.

RIA Development

Multidots can develop Rich Internet applications (RIA), accessible from your browser and are the advanced version of conventional desktop applications, having the user friendly graphical interface, no installation requirements and capacity to interact with the internet services.

Third Party Application Integration

Our proficient developers can integrate all type of third party extensions, services, applications, APIs and tools in your enterprise infrastructure and with your legacy systems. Our smooth way and lossless approach to installations are the causes why you should choose us for it.

Legacy Application Migration

Legacy to modernized or conventional to web, Multidots can help you migrate to an extensible .Net application, developed as per your needs. We can help you in migrating from Non-MVC to MVC, Classic ASP to ASP.Net, ColdFusion to .Net, Visual Basic to C# .NET, or from older versions to the new versions.

.Net based Product Engineering

Our consistent and performance driven solutions are also available for the product based enterprises. We can provide you the customization, code review, modification, integration and development cum enhancement services for your business solutions, existing systems or for 3rd party systems.

App Deployment

Plan testing strategies, implementation of beta reviews and deployment platforms with us and come up with a highly-efficient first version of your app.

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When do you Need .NET MVC Development Services?

.NET development while utilizing the features and potential of MVC Framework is necessary for the performance critical and challenging business requirements of organizations, where they expect to grow high in the terms of data and usability.

Multidots is considered an excellent creator of stand alone applications, exclusively deployable in Enterprise class companies. Our technical, administrative and functional consultants, using .NET and MVC development practices are able to serve large user communities while staying aligned with your performance and security requirements.

Why should .NET be your First choice?

There are numerous advantages of using .NET as the core technology for your applications. To understand the capacity of the DOT NET Platform, listed below are a few of them:

  • High Security and hence Safeguarded Applications
  • Scalable and Easily Maintainable
  • Multidots’ proficiency in .NET Development
  • Consistency and Agility
  • Multi-language deployments
  • Excellent UI capabilities
  • Handles Data Growth without messing up
  • Usability
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I was recommended Multidots by a friend and I have not been disappointed. Team was very helpful and gave valuable advice for putting together my requirements. They were also always available, both day and night, to answer any questions thorough out the development process. In addition, the team worked tirelessly on my website, implementing all my requirements immediately, with daily feedback on all stages of the website development. I would highly recommend using Multidots to work on your project.

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