Performance testing, a subset of a performance engineering becomes of prime importance today as it is a type of testing ensuring that the application will function as expected when under projected workloads. This niche of testing sets out to eliminate performance related bottlenecks which comes as the next step to eliminating functional bugs & errors. The Multidots experience in performance engineering, a proactive technique of engineering aiming to enhance the performance & stability of applications across technology stacks and application lifecycles simply means that your software endures it all.

Performance testing determines & evaluates the performance of networks & software under varying circumstances. Modern-day global web applications, mobile applications & enterprise software are dynamic & distributed in nature making scalability & availability across various locations mandatory. We recognize that it is this that makes performance testing more complex than the regular benchmarking tests.

Performance based testing at Multidots involves meticulous testing of the applications keeping expected user experiences under varying circumstances in mind along with thorough analysis of the entire system, sub-components both software & hardware, platforms and configurations.

The Multidots focus for performance testing

Performance Testing

With our acumen & experience in designs & testing of diverse systems across domains, Multidots ensures that your systems are clearly away from performance related issues, which when not attended to lead to nothing short of a disaster.


The software suffers scalability issues if does not handle the expected number of users and our predictive analysis keeps you in sync with future requirements.

Response time

To ensure engaging user experiences, our performance testing processes keep a watchful eye on the response time, the time the application takes to respond to user requests & actions.


Some common bottleneck problems due to CPU utilization, memory utilization, network utilization, operating system limitation and disk usage are taken extremely seriously by our test processes to keep your software performances unfaltering.

Load times

Our test processes keep an eye on the initial time it takes the application to start and aim that this should be kept minimal mostly just a few seconds.

“The holiday season puts us on high alert and until recently it was a huge stress with slowing down of systems with the big rush of last minute shoppers. No more this year with Multidots ensuring that all is on track!”

– A FMCG Company in Scandinavia

Ensure that your software performs well too!

Performance Testing Services

We handle varied applications ranging from client-server web applications to high volume transactional complex applications and offer performance engineering services including capacity planning, baseline test, load test, stress, endurance & benchmarking against competitors, monitoring & consulting. The end-to-end testing service helps you to offer applications that have quick response times with high availability and scalability. With the Agile Performance Testing methodology inducted into our approach at Multidots, it is possible to detect bottlenecks early, reducing both the development costs and the time to market of your software.

Our core services related to testing or performances are comprehensive

  • A complete exploration and recommendations for performance improvements
  • Bottleneck analysis and benchmarking
  • Optimal cost model with Testing as a Service (TaaS) and Pay as you Go service options
  • Performance Test Suite Development & Maintenance
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Roadmapping to maximize ROI and time to market through effective selection of tools, environment, methodology and process.

The Multidots Services

Benefits of collaborating with Multidots

  • Access to a dedicated pool of resources with expertise on a wide range of tools, technology stacks, and processes
  • Performance focused comprehensive procedures and processes ensured
  • Access to Testing services and other related services like R&D initiatives on a pay-as-you-go model that reduces overall costs
  • On-demand performance testing & engineering services
  • Strategic alliances and partnerships with leading tool vendors
  • Statistical analysis with suggestions and recommendations with respect to performance objectives.

Types of Performance Testing at Multidots

Load testing   Check for bottlenecks before the application goes live
Stress testing   Evaluate the breaking point of the application
Endurance testing   Ensure that the system can handle the load for a longer duration
Spike testing   Test software performance when there is a sudden increase in the load generated by the users
Volume testing   Check software performance under varying database volumes
Scalability testing   Determine the ease with which the application can scale with the increasing load 
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