At Multidots we recognize that Augmented Reality app development is exhibiting a clear surge in popularity globally, steadily becoming indispensable. Going way beyond gaming, AR is all set to transform the way enterprises work by the means of immersive engagement. In the near future, enterprises are sure to think beyond the mainstream domains like Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Travel and more to depend heavily on Augmented Reality solutions for the design of remote services, self-help, technical support, training, public announcements and other similar applications.

At Multidots we believe that Augmented Reality wearables are bound to become next big thing and devices like the AR glasses will be transformational technology for next several decades bringing huge disruptions in the inclusion of personal devices in the technology landscapes.

Effectively Overlaying Sensory Information for Immersive Experiences

Key Points

The Multidots Augmented Reality Solutions Achievements

As a forerunner in the field of user experiences & immersive technologies our design experts conceptualize niche AR based solutions to ensure that your end users get the best out of Augmented Reality app development expertise. Our basic AR offerings enable trending product visualizations & demonstrations, immersive marketing campaigns, graphical enhancements and gamification additions integrating AR seamlessly into your core enterprise solution.

Immersive Collaborations with Stakeholders

Our AR solutions integrate the real & digital worlds of users; customers, vendors & workforce offering them interactive collaborations with your enterprise in the most engaging manner.

Our AR powered real time dashboards & feedback mechanisms allow users & enterprises partner in the most effective ways.

Productivity Enhancements for the Workforces

Our Augmented Reality solutions enable you provide effective training & induction to your workforce in real world scenarios. The solutions assist the workforce to visualize challenges in a participative method & eliminate bottlenecks before they cause a major impact enabling them to perform efficiently and also keep monitoring of performances & addressing issues interactive too.

Ingenious Cx to Drive Customer Engagement

The immersive customer experiences delivered through our AR solutions engage the customers in a long lasting way pushing them to imagine and connect with as easy as visualizations of how a product would look once customized assisting sales & marketing to adding on to the services experiences by adding on in a big way to the self-service modes, an integral part of millennial software.

When Multidots shared with us how our apps could engage customers better by subtle demonstrations of our furniture blending in into their personal spaces, we were sceptical of the purpose & success. Luckily, Multidots proved us wrong in a big way !

A Leading Home Décor Chain from Sweden

Discover Better Engagement & Experiences for All with Multidots Augmented Reality app development

The Multidots Niches for Augmented Reality Solutions

At Multidots we capture the essence of distinct niches into our AR based solutions to suit every different need that your enterprise could have to make the most of the innumerable possibilities of this technology, certainly the next edge for your enterprise with AR and our experts in collaboration.

Marker or Recognition based AR

A camera is used to identify specific markers or objects. Markers could include QR codes or natural feature tracking ones and the device camera is an indispensable component for this implementation. Our smart AR apps as a part of the comprehensive solutions allow users to get an immersive, 3D version of the object once the marker is detected the have the flexibility to rotate the virtual replication alongside the marker rotation.

Markerless AR

The next-gen Augmented Reality Solutions based experiences are gradually moving from image-based recognition to sensory detection by recognizing objects based on patterns, colors or other design features powered by machine learning. Our solutions integrate principles of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning as a call of the times.

Projection based AR

Real world surfaces are exposed by projecting artificial lights to project floating holograms and other seamless images into the real environment to add on more pushing engagement. Heavily integrated into our solutions to enhance Retail marketing, Shop Floors & Manufacturing and training, Projection based AR becomes indispensable to all our AR solutions.

Superimposition based AR

This unique, revolutionary technology attempts to replace an existing object with a partially or completely augmented view. This form of Augmented Reality development has a stronghold in our offerings for Retail, Healthcare, Design of Things & conceptualization solutions for products & services.

Imaginative AR solutions for Diverse Industries

Multidots offers thoughtful inclusions of Augmented Reality solutions into your enterprise space to offer you a distinct edge over the others.

1. Retail

Our most important candidate when it comes to promoting AR is the Retail. Consumers scan products over a shelf with a smartphone and get details on user reviews, compositions, finer details and more. AR brings omnichannel experiences for the customers with our solutions & apps.

2. Automotive

Our AR solutions are put to use to visualize automobile design including body structure & identify parameters that need to be fine-tuned. Other than automobiles, driver experience is also being enhanced with wearables and improvements in driving experience with Augmented Reality development.

3. Tourism

Augmented Reality is enhancing the experiences of tourists and we are quick to recognize this Travelers point their smartphones at a particular marker to get the necessary information and identify popular hotspots or the sensors simply take charge of effective prompting.

4. Healthcare

Our Augmented Reality solutions empower doctors visualize patient conditions in an immersive manner. Our apps support remote help and instruct an on-ground medico to extend help.

5. Education & Training

Our Augmented Reality app development empower schools, colleges, universities and even museums to ensure that learners understand core concepts in a holistic fashion. Education is a segment our experts are deeply involved with and we have specific apps for students making use of AR as well as tracking apps for parents & teachers.

6. Entertainment

Pokeman Go created a global stir among smartphone users and avid gamers and we have our own implementations that generate similar user experiences. There is no shortage of gaming applications that make use of AR to create an immersive user experience.

The Key to Enhancing User Experiences with Augmented Reality App Development

Context based inputs
  • An inseparable aspect of Augmented Reality is segregation of input that points to the right context of data in the real world.
  • It is this concept that enables AR to give the correct responses & results in the digital world.
  • 3-D designing is has a great importance with AR, to be carefully mapped to the user surroundings, environmental context, as well as journey within a given space to ensure an enriching & immersive experience.
Immersive interactions
  • So far, humans have been subjected to a 2-D form of interaction, which includes clicking on a screen, using fingers to zoom in & out, or typing on their smartphones.
  • AR changes this equation completely, and spatial immersion will take over in the years to come.
  • The key challenge would be to provide accurate collaborative techniques between the user and system in a 3-D interface empowered with AR. The user experience will lie in the ability to interact with information that you can perceive all around.

Augmented Reality Solutions – Complementing Technologies

At Multidots we combine a lot of different technologies to ensure that Augmented Reality becomes a comprehensive experience for your users and becomes a part of a larger technology ecosystem.


Sensors & Beacons

Detections & discreet sensors remain at the core of our AR offerings. Our expertise in sensor based technologies like the beacons & other IoT interfaces capture every user movement & every image scanned to trigger the real essence of augmented reality in your line of business.



ARCore is a state of the art platform to build AR apps specifically for Android. Empowered by Google, ARCore supports environmental understanding, light estimation and motion tracking. This is where the true potentials of our AR experts take charge to support your enterprise requirements.


personal devices

AR is leveraged through apps most effectively mostly by putting to use location services or the traditional camera. Ultimately, for the end user, the output is an augmented & in-context version of what is actually being captured & delivered through personal devices.

How Multidots can integrate AR

Prompting Gartner to include this immersive technology in the list of top 10 strategic technology trends of 2018, technology pioneers like Apple & Google regularly launch products & made acquisitions that validate the indispensability of Augmented Reality app development. Studies predict that more than a billion users across the world will create AR content at least once in the coming year and by the end of 2018, tens of thousands of apps will have been launched that incorporate Augmented Reality solutions and dedicated app stores for this most trending technology could be a possibility soon.

It is time you take the clue too!

Know how Multidots can integrate Augmented Reality into your fold.