The Customer is king”. This fact is applicable in every sphere of the businesses. For the success of any business, customers play a crucial role. If a business serves the customers in an efficient manner, it is sure that the business will prosper. But earning customer satisfaction isn’t as easy as pie. It takes lots of efforts to convince the customers and gain their trust. Now, with the growing popularity of Artificial Intelligence, the chatbots can be used to serve the purpose of delivering better customer service.

The AI powered chatbots are capable of providing human touch in the conversation and responding to the customers. Let us dive a bit deeper into the usefulness of the AI powered chatbots.

AI Powered Chatbots Improves Customers Service

1. Delight the customers without losing human touch

The businesses use AI in the customer service to delight the customers in a way that uses human touch in the conversation. AI helps the businesses by automating the process of customer service depending on the context of what the customer is talking about on the chat.

For instance, suppose a customer needs roadside assistance, AI powered chatbot can access the CRM database to check when was the last call made and know about the purpose of that call. Some customers make call only when their cars break down, get a flat tire, run out of fuel or something similar to that. The AI powered chatbots can use this information along with the time of the call and the customer’s place of call to respond intelligently to the needs of the customer. In this case, a tow truck to the customer’s location quickly.

AI can even divide the customers on contextual basis at touchpoint. If anyone is calling the roadside assistance, the AI powered chatbot or you can say a virtual assistant can take the conversation further by displaying the location of the customer to the contact center representative.

Also, the businesses can automate the tasks to reduce the friction for routine transactions. Like the chatbots can easily update the payment details and one doesn’t have to go online for the updating of payment details.

2. Virtual Assistant for Mobile Customer Services

It is forecasted that by 2020 the worldwide smartphone users will grow to 6.1 billion. Most of the customers will be primarily using mobile customer services for interacting with a business. Service delivery to all these customers manually would not be possible. In such case, AI powered chatbots will be required.

There has already been research and development on large scale by internet giants to deploy AI in different chat based technologies. For instance, according to Bloomberg the number of AI software projects at Google has grown to more than 2700 projects in 2015 starting from 2012. Further, Facebook Messenger is using more than 34000 chatbots since it launched its new API in 2016.   

In order to gain a competitive edge, any business needs to have proper software. And if they don’t adopt the technology that can improve the customer service, they will be soon disrupted by recent and agile startups.

For instance, Airbnb has disrupted hotel industry and Uber, the taxi one.

3. Optimized human interactions

The AI powered customer service is still in its initial stage of growth. But those days are not far when bots will only be used to handle entire human interaction.

These virtual assistants will improve the business efficiency as the usage of bots will allow human brain to be used elsewhere.  This will ultimately help in optimizing the customer interactions, thereby, engaging them in better way.

4. Chatbots responding in pre-emptive manner

Capabilities of AI include Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, which are very efficiently used by chatbots. One of the prominent reasons as why companies are keen in adopting AI powered chatbots is that the chatbots using ML and Predictive analytics enhances the overall way any conversation is carried out with the customers. These AI powered chatbots can easily analyze the context of the chat, customers’ preferences and their queries. These AI powered chatbots have the potential of becoming smarter with the passage of time.

5. Speedy answers from chatbots enhances customer engagement and interaction

Implementation of AI powered chatbots has potential of enhancing the speed with which the issues are resolved. In fact, the customer that becomes impatient while seeking instant help from customer service agent can gain benefit through chatbots which are capable of handling different sorts of issues in minimum time.

These AI powered chatbots also enhance the customer engagement and the interaction as they are quite proactive to resolve any sort of customer issue at any time of the day. The customers are pleased with the friendly and helping nature of the chatbots, making them stay for a longer time on the website.

The chatbots make an analysis based on the browsing behavior of the customers, their interests and the preferences. These chatbots then respond with the most relevant suggestions for the query being put up by the customer. The chatbots are capable of up-selling and cross selling in an efficient manner.


Indubitably, chatbots have disrupted the customer service industry. The exceptional abilities of chatbots to exhibit the multi-tasking behavior and response to automated queries, have made them become one of the most popular ways for enhancing the interaction with the customers. Businesses have now realized the importance of implementing messaging and conversational interfaces. This gives opportunity to the businesses to connect seamlessly with the new and existing customers, thereby giving way to revenue generation. The AI powered and real time messaging services facilitate the users in knowing the brands and easily communicating with them.

If you have any thoughts as to how AI powered chatbots are beneficial in customer services, comment below.

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