A Talent Search and Job Portal.


HR and Talent Search


AngularJS, Laravel

This is a web application designed as job portal. The employers can post a job and the employees can search for job. Admin can manage both the login – employee and employer, from a common backend.

1. Admin functionalities:

  • Manage banners on websites
  • Can set Google Ads
  • Email templates
  • Language translations
  • Provide roles and permissions of each user

2. Employee functionalities:

  • Apply for job
  • Post a project (Project owner)
  • Give reviews/ratings before closing the topic
  • Can avail default CV template
  • Can opt for premium plan
  • Avail personal inventory test (premium)
  • Submit proposals to project
  • Can select any number of CV templates(premium)

3. Employer functionalities:

  • Can post unlimited jobs
  • Post projects (project owner)
  • View candidate’s applications (limited number)
  • Premium version

4. Technical features

  • Front end – HTML5/CSS
  • Programming Language – PHP5
  • Database technology – MySQL
  • Platform – Laravel

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