The Grand, Glorious and Great – 5th Anniversary of Multidots

The Grand, Glorious and Great – 5th Anniversary of Multidots Img
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We are very excited and happy as Multidots have completed its 5 glorious and wonderful years on 1st May 2014. We started off this journey on 1st May 2009, with 2 computers, 2 partners ( Anil & Aslam ), 2 good friends (Kaushik & Ashok) and few God gifted well wishers (Jaldip, Bijal, Hitesh ); we had no clue that our journey will have such wonderful years and success. In last 5 years, we have made few achievements, failed with many things and all we hold now is proud, confidence, learning, experiences and new dreams.  Therefore, it was an obvious reason to make the celebration of this 5th Anniversary – “Grand & Glorious”.

So, here we take your through the journey of our Anniversary Celebration; everything from planning, practices and final performance.

Making of the whole celebration


As it was our 5th Anniversary so we already had decided to make it very special and memorable. And moreover our main objective and aim was to give 3 days of relaxation to our DOTS (Employees). Since we are all IT professionals, relaxation is utmost necessary in our lives. Therefore, somewhere in March end an Event Management team was formed by our honorable CEO.  The Team was asked to decide everything starting from the place of event, arranging the events which included the Games and Fun Activities etc. After all the ideas and thoughts, The team came to one conclusion that whatever activity we do it has to be very enjoyable and stress free. So, they had decided to include Dance (where everyone was like I am a Disco Dancer), Singing (Saaa…Reee…Gaaa…Maaa…Paaaaaaaaaa…), Drama of how the Multidots Company was started up and finally some games which could remind the childhood days.  After finalizing the events and activities time was for lots of Mastiiiiiizzzzzz i.e.  the rehearsals for all the said events. Almost for 1 month all the participants have given their free time and weekends for just making the celebration grand.  At the end of this “Making of”, everyone had really enjoyed their rehearsal time as it was full of Masti and had the seriousness about making celebration as GG (Great & Grand)  🙂 

The Place


Well, as it was very busy year for all of us with many projects and good clients therefore, we wanted to celebrate our Anniversary at a place where we can get comfort and relaxation with natural beauty and peace. So, we have chosen Caravan Serai Green Resort which is situated in Punch Mahal District around the forest area. The place gives so much peace in mind that we forget our fast lives and enjoy fully. There was small swimming pool which became the main attraction for all of us. The best part of the resort came in picture when we came to know that there is no mobile or internet networks available in the resort so the only option was left with all was switching off our cell. 🙂

Celebration Begins


“Maitri Bhav nu Pavitri Jharnu, Mujh Haiya ma Vahya kare”. Wow, how pure and positive approach this prayer gives!! Nothing else could be the best start up of the celebration than the Worshiping Goddess Maa Saraswati along with the Prayer and Deep Pragatya.

From of our CEO and CTO


It’s always good to hear the journey from the Makers as most of the times; it gives motivation and inspirations to others to dream, and to fulfil the dream. And, here we also got the same feelings from the audience. Our honourable CEO Mr.Anil Gupta and CTO Mr.Aslam Multani have shared their feelings for completing 5 years and how the journey had been the mixture of good and bad times. The speech had taken place with funny and important facts about organisation. The presentation was made so well just by showing up the figures of different factors which had shown our clear successes and failures, also how to improve and where to improve and so on. After the presentation got over, honourable CEO Mr. Anil Gupta and CTO Mr. Aslam Multani have expressed their sincere thanks and gratitude to all.

Entertainment, Entertainment & Entertainment

DSC0400 (1)

Finally the time has come to fully enjoy all the performances which were been planned to perform. Almost everyone had participated in different act. Some of them have danced well where as some of them sang well, some have shown their funny mimicry skills and some have performed funny and serious Dramas. Along with all these performances, Faltu Fare Award was been given after every act which I can say was the most fun part of the whole event. If I tell you in few words then dance performances were been given as solo and in group performances on yanna raskalla meaning Lungi Dance), then there was fusion with new songs, one Drama was on how Multidots started up and other one was a comedy drama, There was also Singing on new, old and some cultural songs. But let me tell you something before I forget to mention that after all performances there was a big surprise for our CEO, CTO and DOTS. Any guesses what could the surprise be???? Well, it was a biggggggg and colorful cake with the picture of MULTIDOTS’ LOGO and different technologies we work on. Hmmm, Yummmyyyy!!!!

Way forward


This was quite interesting part of our celebration. Generally, we present our goals for the next year on every anniversary. Since last 5 years we have been focusing pretty much on numbers as goal. But for this and upcoming years we have presented few Dreams for all years and actions for individual years. Numbers like Profit, Revenue, Size of Team are the motivation which help us to reach our Goals. And instead of thinking about Goals we saw few Dreams because dreams has more intensity than goals, as we see Dreams from Heart and goals are derived from the Mind. Therefore, we saw few dreams which will be the ultimate reasons for Multidots to be succeeding in the business and  we have several ways/actions which will be defined and done to get closer to our dreams every year, That way we started our 6th year by having these dreams and our team has taken a pledge to fulfil all these dreams by working hard and working together.

Prices, surprises & gifts


We at Multidots truly believe that success of the organization lies into the hard work, contribution and dedication of each and every current and past DOT (employee). Therefore, we have sent a “Thanking Note” and a “Flipkart Gift Voucher” to our past employees. Also, there was an another “Thanking note” and “Flipkart Gift Voucher” for our current DOTS.

There was another special gift for the society that we live in. Multidots has always been very much responsible in terms of helping and supporting the social world and society around us. We have been very happy and proud when our CEO – Anil Gupta has announced to setup a Multidots Foundation as medium to help and support the corporate social responsibility as gift on this special day.

Now, when our CEO and CTO have given us such an enjoyable time and an amazing trip then how could we have forgotten to give them the surprise gift!!! With the contribution of all the DOTS (Employees) we have got the sketched wooden photo frame for our CEO and CTO which has a very smiley photo of both the friends. 

It is said that if the start is well then the end has to be well and same has happened with us also. The event has been whatever we planned and we were able to succeed and fulfil everything we wished. Our wish was to make the celebration grand so we did it, our wish was to appreciate and remember our past and current employee so we did it with thanking notes and gift vouchers, our wish was to be thankful to our families so we expressed our feelings towards them, our plan was to get relaxation and peace we got that with splendid trip to resort and so on. Our honourable CEO and CTO wanted to get their feelings reaching in everyone’s heart and understand it, which really reached and touched all those who were present to mark their presence. All I can say in one sentence is that IT WAS THE BEST ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION WE HAVE EVER ENJOYED AND PARTICIPATED.

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