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Leverage the immense potential of WordPress Multisite by taking charge of numerous websites from a single WordPress installation and seamless content management across multiple websites. With us, you get extremely reliable and scalable Multisite development that delivers massive long-term ROI.

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Delivering Multisite Benefits
to the Ryman Hospitality Group

Combined 11 Separate Websites into a Multisite Architecture

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WordPress VIP Migration and Optimization for—The Ryman Hospitality Group

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Our Multisite Development Services

Enterprise WordPress developers at Multidots recognize the importance of building websites at scale and Multisite website development is a critical service that allows them to scale a website in a way that delivers tangible results.


Our WordPress developers plan and implement a Multisite strategy that helps your business standout from its competition.


Multidots WordPress experts craft a visually and functionally appealing parent framework that can be used across multiple sites.


We put our hands-on experience of working on the latest WordPress versions to build a complex, yet robust Multisite network. 

Migration & Optimization

Multisite migration is tricky and full of pitfalls, but we have earned a reputation for seamlessly moving standalone sites to a Multisite environment.

Why Multisite?

There comes a time when a single website becomes too big to scale, support and optimize with extensions, plugins and third-party tools. WordPress Multisite acts as a critical differentiator when your business wants to target different geographical markets and run websites in different languages. With WordPress Multisite, you can establish different brands for different regions and also increase market share.

Here are a few scenarios that can be addressed with WordPress Multisite development:

  • Your magazine website grows exponentially and all its sections have the potential to become a website on their own.
  • Your business wants to explore newer markets for growth and you need subsites that are built to tackle specific geographies.
  • Your business website needs to scale in such a manner that there are different subsites for different branches.
  • Your business has grown in diverse verticals, and a single website is not enough to deliver the diverse messaging needed, and different verticals demand their own unique subsite.
  • Your Government/NGO website need to a subsite for each department or region.
  • You want to run and manage a blog network, wherein each blog must be managed through its own subdomain.
  • Your educational website now wants students to create their own blog using the institution’s server.

Key Benefits of
a WordPress Multisite Network

Ease of Access and Management

Site administrators can access all sites on the network with just one username and password. As a site administrator, you can control and manage multiple sites through a single WordPress dashboard. But you can also deploy multiple access levels for easy administration. You can have a unique administrator for each site, but a super administrator can access and manage content for all sites. You can also make sure that a subsite administrator cannot get network-wide access. With Multisite, you can macro manage sites and even micromanage them.

Shared Plugins

Get the advantage of a shared feature that allows you to access shared plugins. This means if you want to add a plugin to all your sites, you can distribute plugins across all your sites, all at once, from the Network Admin Dashboard. With Multisite, the hosting account is able to share plugins with all the subsites on the network. If you do not want to install on a few sites, you can pick and choose your subsites. This saves a lot of time, otherwise spent applying plugins individually across all your sites. The ‘Shared Plugin Network’ enables you to apply all activated plugins on all your subsites.

Shared Themes

WordPress Multisite allows you to apply one theme across all your subsites, in one go. All one needs to do is choose a theme already installed on your WordPress Multisite, and click on ‘Network Enable’. This theme will be distributed across all your sites, with one click. But, that’s not all. There might be a need for some sites requiring a different theme, and Multisite gives you the flexibility to apply different themes to different sites. With the ‘Shared Themes’ feature you can essentially deliver a unified visual experience across all sites, or differentiate your subsites by adopting unique themes. The choice is yours.

Shared Users

If you are building different WordPress installations, creating duplicate user accounts across different sites is a tedious task. But this task becomes easier on Multisite as it allows you to centrally manage users and allow their access to different sites on the network. By managing access through User Settings, you can give access to a few chosen sites, or to all your sites. What’s more, you can also micromanage user access by allowing or denying certain permission to the user. With Multisite, user registration is a breeze, ensuring you have more time for more strategic website management activities.

Super Scalability

There is no limit to the subsites you can create. Think of scenarios wherein you want to grow your business in France and Spain. You can have two subsites, one in French and another in Spanish. But what if your business starts to grow massively in other EU countries. You can quickly scale up your Multisite network by adding subsites that target different EU countries. This can happen quickly and in a hassle-free manner. There are no management issues and more importantly, all this happens without overloading your server. This ensures optimum performance for all the sites.

Easy to Update and Maintain

The best part about Multisite is that it’s just a single WordPress installation, which means you only need to update once and then push this update across all your subsites. So, even if you have hundreds of sites, an update can be streamlined across all the sites, all at once. You don’t have to update separate sites individually, imagine the time that would take! The centralized nature of WordPress Multisite also means that it is very easy to maintain, with the help of standardization. One dashboard – Maintain multiple sites.

The Multisite Solutions Portfolio

Multidots is a leading provider of Multisite development services that has a proven track record of building a Multisite network for business in sectors like education, media and publishing, finance, hospitality, retail and more.



Leveraging Multisite for creating subsites for university departments or also student/teacher blogs on university networks, which can also help institutions build a vibrant community network.


Banks and financial institutions

Creating a Multisite network that can enable institutions to have a subsite for different countries or even different departments such as credit cards, loans and insurance.


Government offices with Multiple departments

Maximizing the potential of Multisite to craft unified/diverse online sites for a range of government departments or which deliver a range of solutions for different problem areas.


Stores with multiple outlets

Developing a WordPress Multisite network for retail with different sites offering information about different outlets, with either unified or different themes and plugins.


Digital Publications

Optimizing potential of Multisite to help publications create different websites for different categories. E.g. an online health publication can create separate sites, for fitness, medical devices, etc.


Corporates with Global networks/branches

Building a parent and child site network that helps organizations have unique sites for different state/countrywide branches and even diverse business verticals.


Hotel Chains

Multisite development for a chain of hotels wherein each subsite represents a different hotel or a country specific subsite with information about the various hotel options.


Franchise Business

Optimizing the use of Multisite for franchise owners and the different franchise owned businesses under a parent and child website model where the primary website is the owner and the subsites are the franchises.

Big Brands are Using WordPress Multisite

WordPress Multisite helps build multiple sites under a single installation and this is of huge benefit to organizations that do not want to burden themselves with managing different WordPress installations. Don’t take our word for it. Some of the biggest brands in business are benefitting from WordPress Multisite. You should too.

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  • WordPress Multisite isn’t ideal for performance, especially if you’re running an extensive Multisite setup with numerous plugins. Multisite does offer management convenience but often the tradeoff is performance.

    That being said, we do take up WordPress Multisite projects and have a track record of happy clients.

  • WordPress Multisite is a feature in WordPress that allows for the creation of a subsite network within a single WordPress installation.

  • This is a great option for businesses who want to take the advantage of multiple websites that showcase different aspects of their business. It makes sense when you need a network of sites that are related to one another in some way or form.

  • With WordPress Multisite, an admin can manage and control multiple websites from a single dashboard. What’s more, content can be pushed out across multiple sites at one go. Multiple websites can also share themes and plugins. This saves a lot of time and effort.  This is not a benefit you will get if you have two different WordPress installations (different WordPress websites).

  • The very fact that numerous websites are being run from just one hosting account means that it is affordable. Imagine a scenario wherein your business needs 50 websites to ensure its messaging reaches all its target audience? The expense incurred  will be immense if you are going to design and develop 50 websites with 50 hosting accounts! On the other hand, you have a network of subsites with one main website. This definitely makes more financial sense.

    • 11+ years of experience in web development and WordPress development.
    • One of the WordPress VIP Partner Agencies.
    • 80+ globally distributed team available around the clock.
    • Experience working with a small startup to large enterprise brands such as Accenture, Jumeirah, National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), and Sneaker News.
    • Core contributor to WordPress and a variety of different open-source initiatives and events.
    • Active and proud members of a variety of different industry associations and chambers of commerce.
  • A/B testing refers to tweaking the various elements of your landing page one by one to determine which version performs best in terms of rankings and capturing leads.

  • Yes, if you want to appear similar to other businesses that do so. Templates are common, hence commonly used. Hiring an agency, although more costly, will make you stand out from your competitors.

  • It depends on the number of target personas and products you are selling. Usually, you should have at least one landing page for each user persona.

  • A landing page is a page that exists with a singular purpose to capture leads or drive sales by relaying your brand’s value proposition to a defined audience.

  • It depends on a lot of factors. In short, your landing page should clearly convey your value proposition and what visitors should expect upon converting without creating information overload.

  • As there is a huge variety of potential technical SEO issues, finding them requires different techniques. Some issues like a missing “/” in robots.txt are easy to find, whereas others such as wasted crawl budget require the assistance of paid tools like Ahrefs.

  • You can use a tool like SEMrush to determine your SEO competitors, their backlink profile, and performance on Google.

  • It can be a lot of things. Maybe your pages are not being indexed, loading slowly, or you have a spammy backlink profile. A complete SEO audit is necessary to find out any and all of the culprits.

  • A Google penalty means your site is either no longer listed on search results, or that your ranking for your desired keywords has dropped dramatically. It could be due to a new algorithm update targeting poor page experience, technical SEO issues, or implementation of black-hat SEO tactics.

  • Keyword stuffing, misleading redirects, and cloaking are some of the black-hat SEO techniques that must be avoided.

  • Yes. Because rankings require consistent work and the algorithms of search engines are constantly updated.

  • We provide a quarterly report (monthly upon request) of your website’s performance related to SEO written in plain English containing numbers that make sense.

  • Multidots’ WordPress expertise is second to none and our reviews speak for themselves. News, media, performance marketing, and other associations trust Multidots for all their content and SEO needs. We always strive for perfection and get things done on time.

  • It depends on the scope of work and numerous other factors that are unique to each business. On average, you can start to see the results of our work within 4-6 months.

  • You can get a comprehensive overview of your website performance with the help of a performance audit. While many companies prefer to conduct it themselves, it is always a good idea to have a team of specialists do it, so that you can get helpful insights and suggestions.

  • Core Web Vitals (CWV) show how a specific URL is performing based on the perceived experience of the users. Together, the Core Web Vitals indicate how a web page fares in terms of aspects such as visual stability, interactivity, and load time.

    These parameters are measured with the help of three metrics — Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).

    You can get a detailed report on your CWV performance when you get an audit done by us, along with insights on other crucial areas of your website.


  • While the Page Experience update that introduced Core Web Vitals definitely impacts the way search engines rank your website, it is not a standalone ranking factor. In some cases, having an average score for Core Web Vitals might still be okay.

    But if your website relies heavily on user experience, consider having a good CWV score that will help you impress your users and the search engines.

  • Legacy code refers to the existing coding of a website that has been written in a different language or framework. The term is also used to describe code that is inherited from another programmer or coder.

  • The process of code review includes diligently going through code to identify any errors or bugs that may cause issues. In our Performance Audits, when we conduct a code review, we also consciously check adherence with the defined standards and best practices.

  • The code behind your website defines its structure, flow, and performance. Performing a code review can help you get feedback and advice from senior and experienced engineers who have extensive expertise in writing exceptional codes. It will also help you identify any errors or issues that may eventually lead to major bugs in your website.

  • As your business grows and you continue to make changes or additions to your website, it is natural to overlook the technical aspects that get impacted in the process. While this might not have an immediate impact, it is detrimental to your website performance going forward.

    To ensure that your website is always up and running smoothly regardless of how much you evolve or scale, conducting regular website performance audits is a must. Doing so will help you identify the primary areas of imprert any issues or threats that may affect your website.

  • If you have a WordPress website that has been around for a while and is planning to scale up, this would be a good time to opt for our WordPress audit services. Even if you are a growing company and expect to make significant changes or additions to your website, conducting a performance audit will help you understand the status quo and plan your way forward.

    More importantly, if you are facing persistent issues or performance issues in your website, and want to identify the root cause, a performance audit will help you do so effortlessly.

  • When you get your Website Performance audit done by us, you can expect a detailed analysis and performance overview of your website. This would include a comprehensive review of the front-end, backend, and hosting sides of your website. We will also assess your adherence to best practices, and offer actionable suggestions to improve your website performance.

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