Advanced Leadership Residential Training – A Weekend Event

Advanced Leadership Residential Training – A Weekend Event
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The team leaders at Multidots have undergone an intensive two days residential training organized from 23rd December 2017 to 24th December 2017. The training was organized at a place having lush green surroundings with zero external disturbances. Also, it was done just before the holidays so that the leaders are able to imbibe most of the modules/ideas covered in the training. The key takeaways of the weekend event are as follows:

Day 1 :

  • Showcasing the highlights of 2017, discussing the plans & visions for 2018: The year that is about to end has imparted lessons along with new achievements. Highlighting those has an objective – learning from mistakes and honoring the achievements. This will give a better vision to plan the upcoming year – 2018.
  • How to face challenges – personal as well as professional?: The session involved elaborating the ways to make leaders mentally strong. In the present scenario, the work life balance is really hard to maintain. Therefore, the mindset of the leaders has to be oriented in such a way that they are able to face greater challenges.
  • Collaborative Sessions – Discussions and Activities: There were some ice breaking activities to maximize engagement of the participants of the training. Also, there were one to one sessions between each of the participants followed by personal sessions with company’s senior management team to discuss about any unattended issues, challenges, feedback, etc. which made it a personal though open house session for them.

Day 2 :

The second day of the training program involved workshops, seminars. The topics covered on this day are:

  • Advance Project Management Methodologies: The session included the elaboration of various advance methods to manage projects. How to handle a project with methodologies requiring effective and efficient efforts? The leaders have to focus on preparing themselves and the team that could be able to manage the projects smartly.
  • Sharing Company’s Views, Focus and Strategies towards Enterprise serving: The seminar covered the Company’s goals and views relating to the Enterprise serving. Also, it explained the company’s enablement towards Enterprise serving, Enterprise preparedness and taking the organization to the next level. Further, there was a discussion of key organizational matrices, quality and compliance involving all the members of the training.
  • Radical thinking: Rising demands of today’s world requires a person to adopt radical thinking. How to cope with the technological demands? What methods to be followed to think radically? etc. are some of the topics covered in the session.
  • Managing work as well as personal life: The world today gives opportunities along with setbacks. Managing each of them carefully is the key to success. The session also covered the topic – How to face greater challenges with higher success ratio?

The event concluded on a successful note. The management team transpired company’s vision and mission with key insights about the plans to be followed in the forthcoming year.

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