Multidots’ Contribution in WordPress’s Latest Release 4.8 ‘Evans’

Multidots’ Contribution in WordPress’s Latest Release 4.8 ‘Evans’ Img

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    Working on clients’ projects, creating commercial plugins, designing eye-catchy themes or playing some indoor/outdoor games after the whole hard work – the routine is very similar for most of the IT professionals. But at Multidots, the company culture is a bit off the track and therefore, unique.

    We encourage the developers and employees to focus on personal skill development, letting them learn more and more. That’s the reason why they love to contribute in making the technology better.

    16 Dots participated in WordPress Release 4.8 “Evans”

    Version 4.8 of WordPress is out as your dashboards must be showing already. It’s named as ‘Evans’ in the honor of William John Bill Evans, who was a great jazz pianist and composer.

    The Contributors

    A Team of 346 contributors worked to make this update a success. Out of these, 16 were the dots. Our WordPress legions have made us proud like always. So, praising them is our ethical duty. Excited to the list:

    What’s updated?

    Many contributors, including the developers and the translators, have made this big release unusual. Some notable changes are:

     3 new media widgets are added to make your tasks easy. You can now use the Image, Video and Audio widget.

    – Text widget, with an upgrade, now supports visual editing. TinyMCE Editor is added to the ‘rich text’ widget.

    – View the upcoming WordPress Events in the nearby areas directly from the dashboard.

    – Better Link building and hence the better editor.

    – Multiple admin-side updates including more accessible panel headings and modification in text editor and media widget API.

    – Multisite WordPress functionality is improved and more controllable with the addition of new hooks and tweaks.

    – Removal Silverlight plugin from Core support.

    – And, WordPress is now available in 38 languages. Thanks to the translators!

    We are sure that next time our contribution will be more influencing than this time as we believe in bettering ourselves with each passing day. Dots are highly determined to improve their most-loved technology, which undoubtedly is WordPress!

    Check out the complete details of what’s new in WordPress Version 4.8 ‘Evans’ by clicking the link.


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