Newspapers and online job boards are no longer the only means to search jobs. Mobile is quickly taking over. A 2014 Glassdoor Survey states 9 out of 10 job seekers use a mobile device for job search. Across the globe, mobile job search is as high as 83% in most of the countries.
ZenPeak Recruiters approached Multidots Solutions Pvt. Ltd to leverage the advantages of the mobile platform to fuel their recruitment business.

career-hub-screenAbout ZenPeak

ZenPeak works together with decision-making Executives who are determined to hire the best people; hidden Candidates working at the leadership level.

The Company focuses on helping them cut recruiting costs, reduce the risk of a bad hire, and deliver the time, process and resources to find, and recruit executive level leaders.

However, that’s one side of what they do. The Company also wanted to help job seekers get full-time, salaried jobs in Toronto GTA.

And, that’s when the idea of developing a mobile app came to them. Learn more about them here.

Overview of the Project

Native applications for Android and iOS devices had to be engineered to cater to the unique needs of job seekers. ZenPeak wanted to build a location-based job search application that would allow job seekers to search and view jobs within a 30 km radius of their present location.

The client had approached three other companies for the project. However, ZenPeak was pretty clear that they would allot the project to a company which perfectly understood the technical requirements for developing the app.

We had countless discussions over Skype, emails and phone calls. ZenPeak, initially, allotted us a test job which required developing a specific feature to see if we could work together seamlessly. Multidots successfully completed the test job and ZenPeak was assured to the best quality services they would be getting from us.


How a Mobile App helped?

We put our best brains at work for the project. Every feature of this app has been implemented keeping in mind a job seeker’s requirements and needs. The app has hundreds of local and 873 hidden job alerts.

Here’s how this mobile app helps a job seeker

  • One picks the location, and the app maps the local Toronto jobs.
  • New hidden Toronto jobs are added every business day.
  • The app shows which jobs are new, expiring or hidden.
  • One can change tags to describe the job or occupation one is looking for.
  • One can view the top 20 tags used in Toronto GTA jobs.
  • One can add one’s own job alert in Toronto GTA if he/she knows about a job posting in Toronto GTA.
  • The app shows how many jobs have been added in the last day and month, as well as how many hidden Toronto jobs are in the app.
  • Twitter sharing option.
  • Seekers can view jobs in the map and list view.


Engineering a location-aware mobile app is a complex process. This project, too, had its fair share of technical challenges.

During the initial stages of development, a challenge came up while implementing a feature which involved getting a user’s current location. We used Skyhook Service for the same. However, we soon realized the service was not stable enough.

Our team did extensive R&D to come up with a more efficient solution and used Google’s location service instead. This ensured that the user’s location was fetched accurately across multiple devices, platforms.

Role of Multidots

This entire projects was developed, managed and implemented in 5 different phases since we were also involved in updating app to add new features.

We delivered the following services

Android app design & developmentAndroid app design & development

iPhone app design & developmentiPhone app design & development

Web Services & API DevelopmentWeb Services & API Development

App LaunchApp Launch

App MaintenanceApp Maintenance

Client Testimonial

My experience with Multidots began in 2013. I set out to build some mobile apps and first step that I took was to go through evaluation phase to decide who I was gonna work with, this is something I’ve done before and it’s a strategy that I used to really determine if the company or the developers can handle all aspects of what’s going to be required. So, I went with an evaluation phase with Multidots and I was very pleased with them. We had Skype sessions, we had emails, we had scoping-up of the work and they were chosen over three other really good companies. And my experience with them was very impressive. I’ve got a good group of people to handle, virtually all the technical side without any kind of difficulty with Multidots. They are not only doing the mobile app development for us but they also handle other web services and WordPress integration. I am very impressed with their capabilities and what they have done for me.

Frank Abrams
Founder & CEO | ZenPeak

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