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All Star’s ‘All Allied Health Schools’ site was in need of technical solutions in order to improve the page load performance. Because of constrained internal resources, the implementation of these solutions had been repeatedly postponed. In addition, All Star was hesitant to use a third party. Although there are a number of third-party companies that provide technical services to solve these problems, few understand the needs from a business perspective and are able to act as a true partner, all while providing the highest quality of technical services.


  • The website was in need of technical solutions to significantly improve page load performance while retaining the visual design, user experience and ease of authoring and editing of all pages.
  • All Star needed a technical partner with top-tier WordPress expertise, specifically regarding site optimization and page load speed improvements.
  • All Star needed this partner to provide the processes and communication to reliably deliver results on-time and within budget. Since they had not worked previously with a third-party technical solutions provider, they were skeptical about realizing positive results.


  • At Multidots, we significantly improved page load speeds across the entire site by replacing the WordPress theme and implementing other optimization solutions.
  • We implemented a Gutenberg-based page builder and provided an additional page builder that enabled All Star’s copywriters and site designers to add and update content efficiently.
  • We used Agile processes to deliver these technology solutions on time and within budget while ensuring effective communication involving All Star stakeholders.


  • The site’s page load performance improved significantly which in turn resulted in higher conversion rates and increased revenue.
  • The average Page load time was more than halved from 7.0 seconds to 3.1 seconds.
  • Monthly traffic increased from 250,000 to 300,000 visitors.
  • Keyword rankings have improved.
  • We gained All Star’s trust as a preferred third-party technical solutions provider.

Initially, we were skeptical about engaging with a third-party solutions provider. But Multidots delivered solutions that not only met but exceeded our needs. Their Agile processes, regular and effective communication made us feel that we were in charge and we always knew exactly what was going on with minimal effort from us. They delivered the promised performance improvements on My team and I were so happy working with them that we have engaged Multidots on other similar and related projects and the experience has always been consistent. When the need arose to implement the solutions on other sites, Multidots impressed us with their ability to scale while continuing to deliver projects on time. For our industry, turnaround time is a key factor and Multidots partnered with us and continued to deliver on time and within budget, while scaling to more sites/projects

Company Info:

All Star is an independent, employee-owned marketing and technology company focused on helping individuals advance their careers and improve their lives through education.