NYC-based digital publishers for women’s and kids’ fashion runs on enterprise WordPress


The team from Nitrolicious and Minilicious were looking to take their sites to the next level. Working with a suboptimal platform, they were looking to make the transition to WordPress VIP in order to achieve the highest performance for their sites and to maximize their business growth. However, they did not have the technical expertise within the team to achieve this goal. While they were looking for a development partner, it was important that the external team they worked with were reliable and could fit seamlessly into the existing team to effectively deliver their aim.


  • Building multisite website solutions inherently comes with its challenges, as the websites must remain in a single-code database while their content stays site-specific. This was no different when working on the Nitrolicious and Minilicious sites.
  • The sites needed to be optimized for load times, SEO and security using the latest technologies.
  • It was important that the project is delivered on time and within budget, closely communicating with the client throughout the process, with timely updates.


  • Full migration of the sites to WordPress VIP, including regular backend management, consistent upgrade deployment, and repair of any security breaches.
  • The sites were migrated into one WordPress solution, resulting in the easy and efficient management of content.
  • At Multidots, we were able to implement Agile methodology in order to ensure that the Multidots teams were able to work closely and efficiently with the client.


  • We developed a complete solution for Nitrolicious and Minilicious, delivering their vision of higher quality and higher performance sites. They have total peace of mind when it comes to site maintenance and security.
  • Their page load performance and Google ranking were significantly improved. With optimized page-load speed, Nitrolicious and Minilicious saw lower bounce rates across the sites and experienced substantial business growth.
  • We maintained the client’s trust as their preferred third-party technical solutions provider.

They worked closely with us throughout every stage of the process, from discussing our key challenges to coming up with a plan and delivering the perfect solution, in a working relationship that couldn’t have been easier. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to supercharge their business.

Company Info:

Nitrolicious and Miniicious are two fashion blogging sites run by Wendy Lam. Nitrolicious focuses on women’s fashion and beauty, while Minilicious specializes in children’s fashion. Founded in 2006, the two sites have created a global readership through content that transcends cultures and languages, providing inspiration to their thousands-strong follower base.