Excellence. Certified by the very PHP Company - Zend.

When we say expert we signify it. Multidots have been endowed with the development of PHP-based state-of-the-art Web Application to a number of worldwide consumers.The Company has effectively prolonged to work on large-scale PHP projects, acquiring its proficiency and increasing valuable experience.

Conversely, it’s not simply the experience that shows our PHP expertise. To authoritatively demonstrate its competence, the company engrossed in the Zend PHP5 Certification program and achieved the compensations: Two of the Multidots members got certified with their names listed in the ZEND PHP Yellow pages.


zend_certi_anil1                     zend_certi_aslam1

When asked Multidots ZC Engineer Aslam Multani, he said:

“Zend Certification is a significant step for a PHP developer. It is a great opportunity to assess your skills, show your experience to colleagues and promising customers”.

How is this certification beneficial to Multidots?

Primarily, the participation in the ZCE program facilitates demonstrates the company’s commitment to persistent growth and trained development of its employees. Positively, it confers an assurance to the clients that Multidots development team has the accurate adroitness and abilities mandatory to their PHP projects.

As the demand for PHP development persists to grow universally, the number of suppliers has also been raising.One of the best ways to stand above the contenders is to prove the official credential of PHP competence. And that’s not a child’s play!

Solely, two PHP Professionals have acknowledged ZCE status through the PHP 5 Certification program in Ahmedabad, India and Multidots is extremely contented that we comprise those two connoisseurs in our team!