Discovery Questionnaire

Gather essential information about the project

Site Map

Prepare the sitemap

  • Identify URL structure, Categories, Redirection rules
  • Prepare the new sitemap
Current & Publishing Workflow

Identify the current pain/challenges in workflow

  • Prepare the current workflow
  • Discuss the roles and responsibilities
  • Review default publishing workflow in WordPress
New Workflow

Prepare & present the new workflow

  • Design the new workflow
  • Prepare the necessary wireframe for the workflow
Page Template

Identify the unique page templates

  • Discuss the editing interface you would need to edit these pages
  • Discuss how frontend-interface for each unique pages
  • Discuss about the Gutenberg
Integration & Customizations

Gather all the app integration & custom modules/features

  • Prepare the list of existing tools integrated in current website
  • Discuss any specific custom features required in new website
  • Finalize the list of custom feature and tools to be integrated in new website
Scope of Work Document

Prepare the detail document for all the requirements from previous steps