The Multidots Assurance for Comprehansive Engagements

The Multidots Assurance for Comprehensive Engagements

We promise an easily accessible team that is technically diverse, highly skilled and committed to deadlines. With an easy scale-up and down of resources involved in the engagement model this is a sure step towards cost optimization. The well-structured, reliable, mature and proven methodologies with transparency in the workflows & appropriate controls reduce operational costs and bring in quicker returns on investments.

Thorough support enables you focus on enhancing your core competencies with our strategies keeping alignment with your project goals. It goes without saying that there is a strict adherence to quality and standards with prompt communication processes for smooth functioning.

Resource Augmentation

On the basis of a prudent skill-gap analysis, your team is strengthened by adding our competent resources skilled with contemporary technologies. By offering a dedicated team of experts, it is assured that the knowledge and expertise brought in helps to enhance your capabilities as an organization to deliver avail millennial age technologies within the domain spaces. With an option to increase the teams on-site or off-shore, we offer a well-trained, well-groomed and experienced pool of resources for better productivity and increased efficiencies of operations for short-term or long-term as necessary. We typically can work out a Hybrid Model with a balance of On-site & Off-site for really large projects and long term needs, to appropriately do knowledge sharing, team induction & training, planning, etc.

Our resources are onboarded through meticulous processes to identify appropriate skill sets and map them to suitable roles and responsibilities enabling us to bring you the best of the services.

Our Experts

  • System

  • Planner,
    Designers &

  • Software

  • Project

  • QA

  • UX/UI

The Multidots Advantages
  • Put to use a ready technical resource pool offshore to satisfy skill gaps
  • Quickly helps in adaptation of a global work culture
  • Huge cost savings in recruiting, training & retaining
  • Proficiency in English and knowledge of various communication channels
  • Easy scale up and down in accordance with the requirements
Captive Development Center

An offshore captive development center is one of the most popular business engagement models from Multidots. This development center is a logical extension of your IT team. It functions as an independent offshore entity which is completely under your control and adheres to the copyright regulations, IPR protection requirements, security policies and follows the workflow specifically set out for you. If required, we have an onsite team for direct interactions with your business team and smoother communication flow with the offshore team.

The captive center engagement model releases you from worrying about hassles related to infrastructure, project management and technical resource pool management thus availing cost benefits from a mixture of locations and financially suitable markets. The operational processes between you and our development center ensures that you have a thorough control and are updated about the day to day functioning of the set up.

Our Captive Center Facilitates

  • Infrastructure
    • This includes real-estate for official use
    • Systems, servers and other hardware for operations
    • Network infrastructure for effective communication
  • Strategies
    • Project management methodologies
    • Monitoring and Reporting
    • Process workflows
    • Financial planning & agreements
    • Security compliances & NDAs
    • Software development
    • Resource management
  • Data Exchanges
    • Assets & Knowledge
    • Handovers
The Advantages
  • Optimal use of resources and processes helps in cost-effectiveness
  • Appropriate communication channels with customized processes
  • Assured security and non-disclosure adherences governed by a Master Service Agreement
  • Accessibility to a resource pool of highly skilled experienced individuals as required
  • Flexible work timings allow overlap with global work timings
  • Complete control over the operations, budgets, communication and data by systematic monitoring
  • Rights to Intellectual Property and full ownership
  • Minimum capital investments
The BOT Model

Enterprises across the globe realize the potentials of the Build-Operate-Transfer or the BOT model. The BOT model is a unified partnership that combines design & build responsibilities of Information Technology projects. Multidots takes on in this model of engagement the design, construction and operation of your IT project with a clearly charted out set of responsibilities through all the three stages of the BOT. The BOT method brings in several benefits as we facilitate a comprehensive engagement offering design, development & maintenance under one roof with our established & proven infrastructure offering consistent, high quality & cost-effective results.

The BOT Stages

  • Build at Multidots
    • Definition of the requirements
    • Organizing resources & the basic team
    • Establishing reporting processes
    • Transfer of information about the development technology and the project
    • Development of the setup & infrastructure
    • Project initialization
  • Operate at Multidots
    • Team scale-up
    • Processes & procedures implementations
    • Identifying the steering team
  • Transfer to You
    • Exchange of the team from Multidots to you
    • Transfer of infrastructure
    • Handover of knowledge
BOT With Multidots
  • Reduced Upfront Investments
    BOT projects find resemblance to offshore engagement models on a T&M basis incurring minimum costs on initial phases and pre-operative expenses. This model allows you to test waters with us before you actually make permanent investments.
  • Reduced Involvement for Day to Day Management
    Multidots manages all the operations, reporting & project executions for you ensuring the quality and standards of your software without involving your teams into the management too much.
  • Transferring an Operational Team
    We offer you a trained, ready to avail team upon transfer, leaving you free of worries to identify & settle down resources into the projects.
Fixed Price Models

This model of engagement is best suited for custom software development exercises with well-defined requirements. With an end to end execution of the services availed, this model of engagement from Multidots follows a mile-stone based roadmap proves to lower the risk for your operations and optimizes deliveries making them a timely affair. If you have well-defined requirements this model of engagement is best suited to associate with us.

Support Packages

This fully custom and flexible model suits dynamic requirements and changeable & complex operations, making it a very logical choice for projects with intense scope. We allow an easy inclusion of new requirements into the scope offering a greater flexibility & cost effectiveness by letting customer select the time duration and skill level of resource to adapt to the changing requirements. This is best suited for clients having small project requirements but finds it difficult to assign committed work amount to the resource. With varying validity of each of such support packages customer can choose a resource mix for a certain duration, without any long term commitment and still getting the work successfully done in strict budgets.