Enhancing Business Capabilities with Share Point Online

Enhancing Business Capabilities with Share Point Online
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SharePoint is a server-based platform, which integrates with Microsoft Office. It is predominantly popular as a document management and storage system, but it allows users to configure it. Since its introduction, the user base has significantly increased due to ease of subscription and a number of enhancements and capabilities.

Let us explore the overall capabilities of SharePoint.

1. Easily create a collaborative site on SharePoint:

SharePoint allows the user easily create a SharePoint online team site. You and your team can work on any project and share information from anywhere with any device. A team site comprises of the following:

  • A group of related web pages
  • Default document of library files
  • Lists for easy management of data
  • Customizable web parts to meet the user needs

You can use the team site whenever there is some work on a specific project and you want to collaborate with other members of your team. In other words, in team site all or most of the team members can contribute to the site content where the information is limited only to the members of the team or project. On other hand, you can use communication site if you wish to broadcast information to a broader audience.

2. Efficient management of information:

SharePoint allows the user to use its variety of tools to centralize and manage information in an efficient and effective manner. You can easily manage data, store information with the logs related to any risk/issue, version control and content approval.

3. Enhancing Communication:

SharePoint allows user to communicate internally in the team in an efficient manner. It is scalable, flexible and adaptable. The internal communication within the team will promote engagement of the employees, thereby, enhancing their overall performance, retention and the morale.  The following are the services provided by SharePoint for better communication:

  • The Discussion Board
  • Content creation with the Wiki Library
  • Announcement list with expiry date
  • Survey forms to easily gather data
  • Community site for social presence
  • Access Relevant Information
  • Define Privileges based on informational needs

4. Automation of Business Process with Workflows

SharePoint allows organizations to create a workflow according to their respective business logics in a sequential manner. The components of SharePoint workflow include the following:

  • Event: the process of workflow
  • Steps: basic structure consisting of actions and conditions
  • Actions: performance based on certain instructions
  • Conditions: controls that direct the workflow.

5. Generation of relevant reports:

SharePoint allows the users to generate reports based on a particular project along with interactive summary, project tasks information, automated alerts, dashboards can be created using web parts, display charts with key performance indicator. Also, SharePoint has a provision for analytics processing component that’s used to generate two handy reports – Popularity Reports and Most Popular Items Report.

6. Integrate with the existing LOB systems:

SharePoint integrates easily with the existing data sources and can easily work with the current Line-Of-Business(LOB) systems. The LOB systems include CRM, ERP, SCM and PLM, which, when connected to the SharePoint platform helps the organization in bringing up the LOB data within a collaboration environment. This particular approach is known as Business-Critical SharePoint, which serves as a bridge between users and multiple LOB systems. This makes it possible in utilizing the information siloed into the backend systems.


7. Introduction of AI boosted content promotion

SharePoint enhanced its capabilities by launching Delve. Now users can easily get recommendations about the content based on the various site activities with the help of Artificial Intelligence. This facilitates the users to have a better visibility of the content in relevance to their role in a particular organization along with the access to those documents that they need to view.

8. Easy app building with Powerapps

PowerApps is a platform that facilitates the users to build mobile apps for businesses with zero code. It was initially introduced to deliver the mobile app-like interfaces to the SharePoint Lists but it can be used to deliver the business data from multiple data sources to various devices. The main features provided by the Microsoft PowerApps:

  • Secure integrations
  • Easy usage on any device, on or offline
  • Simple to edit

9. Better experience of SharePoint on mobile

As the number of smartphone users is increasing day by day, the availability of SharePoint native app has given an extra edge to the organizations using SharePoint. Now, Microsoft is offering modern layout pages for SharePoint that is simple with powerful capabilities such as rich text inclusion, images, videos, news, dashboards and various site activities. Whenever a user creates a new page, all the aforementioned capabilities can be used with utmost ease.

10. Power BI SharePoint:

Power BI SharePoint is a free self service provided by Microsoft. It is a business intelligence service using cloud and provides tools to non-technical business users for aggregating, analyzing, visualizing and sharing the data. Let us now brief you about when to have SharePoint Online and when to have SharePoint On-Premise.

When to have SharePoint Online?

  • If you want to get things done and running quickly.
  • If you wish to reduce the cost of your dedicated infrastructure
  • If incorporate new technologies like Delve and Sway in your workflow
  • If you wish to collaborate with external employees, partners or customers
  • If you want to provide employees with state-of-art tools for mobile deployment

When to have SharePoint On-Premise?

  • If you have a dedicated infrastructure for SharePoint
  • If external employees and customers have been integrated into your infrastructure
  • If you wish to have programs that penetrate deep into the system
  • For data protection reasons
  • If the internet connection is not having sufficient bandwidth


The organization can easily deploy SharePoint for implementing efficient business processes. SharePoint facilitates the mid-size to large-scale organizations to better collaborate, enhance efficiency and accessibility.

If you wish to share your thoughts about the enhanced capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint, feel free to comment.

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