The Future of Mobile App Development

The Future of Mobile App Development
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As per the Economist, on the occasion of the 30th birthday of the PC, mobiles will fulfill the promises of the ‘personal’ computer. This indicates that the future of mobile Apps solutions would certainly create a storm in the mobile application development world. Consider the next big wave when Google gets ready to merge Chrome and Android in the future. According to recent reports, innovation will be the keyword as mobile apps development is expected to be a $38 billion market by 2015.

Take any smartphone and you would notice the advancements made in android and iPhone application development; especially the tools that take up space to help users perform any task that entertains, informs and persuades them to open up their wallets. Now, there is a growing demand for smart mobile application developers who can design and develop innovative mobile based solutions which can lead to monetization. Primary examples include android application development which support smart applications that include instant chat messengers followed by easy mobile search, notifications, mobile payment solutions, and location based services.

Considering Apple’s foray into iPhone application stores, insiders are still debating over the requirement for a separate store that would provide consumers with variety of customized applications. Anything from music to movies to sports to health, you name it and the store would deliver it for free or a good price. Google however claims to see no future in the application store, considering the economical web-based application market for the same.

There is also an increasing demand for placing applications on a public cloud platform that would be easily accessible, rather than the boring desk-based application which occupy the personal hard drive. One such example is Java – a cross platform, which was introduced in 1990s and is now being used by many web-based applications.

As per a recent report, there are mobile application developers who are thinking of branching out into other social mediums, apart from smart phones and tablets. These mediums would include televisions (83.5%), game consoles (71.2%), foldable screens (68.1%), and Google Glass (67.1%). To conclude, the focus is on providing memorable customer experiences, hence the need to ramp up the future of apps development – by designing innovative features that leave a lasting impression.

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