Having the best infrastructure in the world is one of our goals. We understand the importance of a workspace as a productive, effective and secure place to create, inspire and grow. Within a few short years, we’re proud of making our office vibrant and full of life – and we’re certainly not done yet.

At Multidots, we offer

Advanced Workstations

A worker is only as good as his or her workspace. From high-resolution monitors to standing desks to a wide range of computer systems, we offer high tech workstations to satisfy anyone’s needs.

Dynamic Environment

We pride ourselves on having an energetic, comfortable and refreshing atmosphere in which to do work. A great workspace, coupled with diverse and talented people, always leads to inspiration and amazing work.

High Speed Internet

Staying connected is paramount to success and overall efficiency. We’ve made sure to hook up our office with the best, most reliable high speed Internet so everyone can reap the productive benefits.

Round-the-Clock Security

The security of our employees, their personal information and their projects is critical. We provide 24/7 CCTV security, access control doors, as well as anti-virus and firewalls for the best protection possible.

Hosting Servers & Backups

We keep all of our data backed up securely, use GIT & SVN for effective code development, versioning and backup, and even have an additional power supply in case of emergency.