Making Logistics Journey Easy for our Customers

Making Logistics Journey Easy for our Customers Img
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We are glad in successfully delivering logistics solution for the customer based in Canada. The initial approach was for a consultation regarding the management of customers and employees in a logistics based company. The approximate transaction on daily basis used to be 150 tons.

The key challenges that were brought about by the customer are as follows:

  • To have a nuclear system in place of warehouse
  • Unavailability of weighing scale for the goods and vehicles
  • Non dedicated vehicles
  • Facing problem in tying up with the vendor
  • No dedicated infrastructure
  • Inconsistent vehicles availability
  • Facing problem in tracking the fleet

Multidots team keenly observed the above points and developed a solution that would help the client in managing the logistics business efficiently. The key highlights of the solution delivered are as follows:

  • Bridging Application:

The problem of unavailability of weighing scale was addressed by developing a bridging application. This application would allow them to check the availability of measuring scale and prepare the vehicles for transit accordingly.

  • Integration with the inventory management system:

The application was also integrated with inventory management system, in order to allow the client in efficient management of the inventory.

  • GPS tracker and Fleet Monitoring System:

The application has a system to track the vehicles that were sent for the delivery of goods or for the procurement of the goods. A GPS device was also placed inside the truck that would give the best possible route to the driver. The driver will require verifying the route with the authorized person and will give his signature in digital format, to the authorized person as his consent. The driver, on reaching the destination will hand over the GPS device to the concerned person and the authority at the back end will terminate the trip.

  • Increased efficiency up to 80%:

The implementation of the solution, which was delivered by our team, increased the efficiency of the business from 40-50% to 80%.

  • Message alerts:

The system can generate message alerts to the customers about the progress of vehicles in which goods are transported. The integration of the inventory data in the application expanded the efficiency of the whole business system. Moreover, the customers would also be given ETA (expected time of arrival) through message alerts.

From technology front, Multidots has implemented latest .Net MVC architecture with Angular.JS 3.0 for this entirely custom application. Also, the mobile application too was delivered that would connect the end customer with the service provider and to easily track their shipment. Most importantly, this turned out to be a real enterprise mobility solution, converting most manual workflows into automated one, making it a real digital transformation.  

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