With the increase in usage of smartphones and tablets, consumers, nowadays highly rely on their mobile applications.  The year 2017 saw an  upsurge in the number of users opting for mobile phones even to have internet access.

According to a survey, it was found that 19% of commercial sales come from either a smartphone or tablet.

Businesses are spending more in leveraging development in mobile application; to expand their approach in various fields such as branding, marketing, accessing online sites, enhancing customer engagement. As we enter in 2018, the new technologies will emerge and define a completely different app economy. We have jotted down some  mobile app development  trends that are expected to rule the market this year.

Let’s have a look at them, one by one:

1. High demand for Wearable Devices

It is predicted that year 2018 will be the year of wearable devices.

According to a report, Smart watches are expected to achieve approx. $17.4 billion till 2021.

Wearable devices cover dual facets – one being need and other being style statement. These apps will also be beneficial in healthcare domain. With Apple, Samsung and Google smart watches already in the market, it is clear that their demand will rise in 2018.

2. Cloud based Apps

With the increase in the number of mobile phone users, the app developers look for ways to develop apps that are robust, handy and easy to use on mobile phones.  The booming cloud technology has given an option to the developers to make such mobile apps that would have cloud as storage platform.

Cloud integration of mobile apps will require less internal memory as these apps will directly fetch data from the cloud. Also, this approach will allow the developers to develop such functionalities with features that can be available on various mobile phones.

3. AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

Talking further about the trends that will have a strong influence on the mobile app development is accelerated mobile pages. This (AMP) is an open-source initiative which is built to enhance the page loading on the mobile devices. The AMP helps creation of websites that are fast, beautiful and high performing across various devices.

Besides this, it gives an option of isolated search index for mobile web. Enhanced page loading reduces bounce rate, increases visitors, CTR, page rank and much more.

4. Machine Learning and Iot

As machine learning is gaining momentum gradually, the mobile app development industry will see a rise in use of artificial intelligence in development of mobile apps.  Also, the ML will enable apps to identify the complicated patterns and gain insights by analyzing large data.

Another trending topic that will revolutionize the mobile app development is Internet of Things.  It will help in the development of apps that will empower businesses. For instance, Uber has made use of Internet of Things in its mobile app in a successful manner.  In 2018, this technology will definitely have a massive impact on the world of app development.

5. Augmented reality & Virtual Reality Apps

The year will also see a rise in the mobile apps using VR/AR technology.  Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, etc. are some of the names that have already been introduced as virtual reality apps. At present, VR headsets are available. When put over the eyes, one would be completely blind to the current world and experience a new world from within.

With the help of virtual reality, you might find yourself on top of Mt. Everest while sitting on your couch. But Augmented Reality simply enhances your current state of presence. Well, both these technologies will usher a new era in the field of mobile app development.

6. Blockchain

This technology is gaining huge attention as compared to any other technology at present. Blockchains are basically shared ledgers which can’t be altered easily. They help in recording company’s information which gets listed as blocks.

According to a study by IBM, most government firms plan to spend in blockchains.

Blockchain will help the government organizations have better financial transaction management, contract & asset management and various regulatory compliances. As we all know, smartphones are able to store more and more mobile data. With the implementation of security measures developed using blockchains, the data stored on mobile phones will be more secure.

7. Improved Security

Data Security has always remained a matter of concern while using a mobile phone. In the year lying ahead, mobile app developers have to take care about improving the data security.

8. Enterprise Apps

Well, 2018 will be a year of apps that will cater to the needs of enterprises. Since more and more consumers are adapting to m-commerce solutions, analysts say that this trend will have strong foothold in mobile app development industry.

Moreover, with the increase in usage of mobile banking and payment options, more enterprises will switch to mobile apps for their operations. Nowadays mobile phones are used for money transfer, goods purchase etc., thereby, slowly replacing credit and debit cards.

Be it transfer of money or purchase of goods, mobile phones are slowly replacing credit and debit cards.  Therefore, app developers will develop mobile apps that are able to process cashless as well as card less transactions.

Final words

The year 2018 will be looking forward to new innovations and implementation of recent trends. Let’s hope that 2018 becomes a year of growth for businesses, organizations, developers and innumerous mobile apps. The above listed are a few top notch trends that are expected to influence the market this year.

If we have missed out any, then your views are welcome in the comments below.

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    you post really very good. Today smart phone users are increasing day by day. Lots of mobile app development companies in the market putting their their effort to make perfect mobile app.

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    James grills

    It is good to see so many useful innovations coming up in the mobile app world. Some of the things listed in the post were kind of expected by seeing the developments last year like AR & VR developments, improved integration of cloud computing, and integration of blockchain as well.

    Apart from them new developments in iPad and wearable devices are a welcome change. Added to that a boost for developers with the introduction of swift programming and improved security features as well. Hoping to see more of such developments soon.

  • Avatar for Multidots
    Amit Verma

    Yes, of course, VR & AR both are one of the trending technologies which people follow.Thanks for this informative blog.

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    Glenda G. Thomas

    Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you penning this post.Thanks for sharing this nice post!

  • Avatar for Multidots

    I am tempted to know that there will be the demand for wearable devices, machine learning, IoT, AMP, Blockchain and much more. Thankfully the app developers will work on improving security. Thanks for sharing this information. Really helpful!

  • Avatar for Multidots

    Great information. All the listed 8 trends are great. What caught me more is the Enterprise Apps. Very cool as the cardless transaction is the ultimate necessity of this generation. Thank you for sharing.

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    The world has become the mobile-ready world. For this, business houses need to focus on Mobile Application Development trends great job.

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