“How Do They Do It? A Dive into Lives of Successful People”

“How Do They Do It? A Dive into Lives of Successful People” Img
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Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Wishing is not enough; we must do.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

is the essence of an entire hour-long talk delivered by the CEO and Co-founder of Multidots, Mr. Anil Gupta.When it comes to talking about successful people, there’s a cliché that people speak with the list of successful people about their habits, do’s, qualities, and traits. But Mr. Anil Gupta flipped the notion.No doubt, “How would you define success?” was the question with which the talk started. But he did some dialogue conversations and said, “I’m going to show you the video posted on Facebook by one of our clients and one of my good friends, Mr. Jeremy Fremont.

The point is……there are essentially three core principles that people focus on, which can actually improve the quality of life: “Health, Wealth, and Happiness.”That observation by Mr. Fremont and further explanation by Mr. Gupta was proven as a hook for 100+ people presented in Multidots premises.

His superior consulting and counseling ability helped each attendee to grasp easily the following four principles:

  1. Dreams > Vision > Mission > Goals
  2. Energy > Hustling > Hard-working
  3. Devotion > Passion > Dedication
  4. Discipline > Ethics > Good Habits > Good Practices

Just to make the mentioned above points simple enough to embrace here’re the best examples discussed. It took him the disciplined and devoted efforts to fulfill the dreams with the most balanced energy, when it came to improving handwriting from the worst and became a national winner, ameliorating programming skills from unknown to a pro iOS developer, or developing a habit of reading and stay fit. All in all, the point is…everybody has seen dreams. All successful people we know today from Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, to Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk saw the dreams. The impossible dreams, once. The commonality is: not just they saw, but worked hard to achieve them too, with the same principles stated above.

The takeaway message is:

Keep dreaming high. Energize your thoughts and so your actions. Devote your time completely to accomplish those dreams. You have no other option than mastering self-discipline.

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