Multidots Wins Wadline Award in Mobile App Category

Multidots Wins Wadline Award in Mobile App Category Img
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It is a very proud moment for Multidots that our hard work has received worldwide recognition. And this time it is for mobile application – Aurafy. This mobile application has been declared winner in summer 2018 Wadline Awards.

This mobile app is a music discovery platform where users are allowed to listen to the music with the functionality of auto posting the songs to their new feed/ profile, while listening through Apple Music and Spotify. The users can find songs; connect with their friends and artists of various genres. They can also see what their friends are listening live. It is capable of handling multiple users at a time.

Wadline is a platform providing services in finding the best IT companies for the development of projects in Web, Mobile and Software. Their motto is to make the IT sphere convenient for the clients around the globe. They find the companies providing the best services in respective IT fields and award them for their work.

Our team has put their best efforts to make Aurafy app, which portrays exquisite design and a smooth interface.

Our team has proven time and again that it is capable of accomplishing any type of challenge that comes its way.

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