Multidots At WordCamp Manchester 2016

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Pleasure to share – Multidots’ CEO, Mr. Anil Gupta will be the speaker at ‘ WordCamp Manchester 2016 ‘ organized on 22-23 October 2016.

At WordCamp, Anil will be sharing detailed insight on 20 things you should do – to get the most out of WordCamp”. His notes will be a constructive and educational tool for all participants, as he will be sharing all his significant experiences of attending national and international WordCamps. Follow Anil, @guptaanilg to catch up latest updates.

Officially declared, event schedule can be referred at:

Multidots will be available in UK from 15th October 2016 to 5th November 2016.

Our Travel Schedule :

  •  15th October 2016 to 20th October 2016 – London
  • 21st October 2016 to 28th October 2016 – Manchester
  • 29th October 2016 to 5th November 2016 – London 

We would be happy to catch up with our clients / friends / contemporaries.

Please contact us at for further tête-à-tête.

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