A Journey That Narrates the 10 Long Year Success Story of the Dots…

A Journey That Narrates the 10 Long Year Success Story of the Dots… Img

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    It is the actions and the way of managing an organization describes the best how successful the organization is in achieving their pre-decided goals.

    Its like a child with curiosity and burning flame of learning the world around it, Multidots began its journey to cater their services with limited infrastructure and resources in the initial stage. The two visionary brains Mr. Anil Gupta and Mr. Aslam Multani founded Multidots in 2009 and took the Dots to the level next in the span of 10 years.

    The first 10 years can well be described as the Learning & Moulding Phase for Multidots. There were the times to introspect and correct ourselves when something left behind or left aside! On the other hand, there was a curve of a smile on the faces of both our clients and the teams when we delivered something Extra to what our clients might not have thought of!

    So we would love to describe this decade long journey as a journey of Joys, learning, setbacks, achievement and above all Connecting the Right Dots at the Right Time for the Right Job. This is the reason why Multidots has today emerged with 600+ successful projects, 100+ employees and 100+ clients across the globe. In the same way, it is the journey of benchmarking efforts of teamwork. Each Dot at the Multidots has added a word to make the Multidots story more successful and inspiring be it a developer, a marketer, or the Director himself. It is the team that came with an innovative idea of doing the things out of the box and making the process easier than ever. Hence we, at Multidots, love to appreciate the ideas and the talents equally well throughout the year with rewards and gifts as a mark of appreciation.

    The 10-year completion celebration was full of joys, emotions and making the bond of love and work stronger than ever! Dots, of course with their beloved ones, dined, danced and sang the emotions in a unique way. However, we do take care of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and hence we have a team of employees with food hampers to share it among the people facing challenging conditions of life.

    We know that one can never describe the sense of gratitude to the fullest extent in words, still, it is a humble attempt to express our feelings of gratitude towards our teams, partners, mentors and our clients across the globe who have assisted us in paving a successful path of 10 long years. A fine blend of diversity in employees, creativity in ideas and matured leadership has molded Multidots more result-driven and successful organization.

    This is just the beginning of something extraordinary we are committed to delivering with our intellectual assets.

    Here are the glimpses of the roller coaster 10-year journey of Multidots… Watch it and share it with Josh…

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