A Recap of Multidots Grand Meetup 2023: Insights, Learnings, and Fun

A Recap of Multidots Grand Meetup 2023: Insights, Learnings, and Fun Img

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    Multidots recently hosted its Grand Meetup in the beautiful city of Udaipur, India from the 16th to 19th of March 2023. The venue ‘Bhairavgarh Palace’ was chosen for its stunning location, overlooking the picturesque Aravalli Mountains. The grand 4-day event brought together dots from around the globe and was a huge success.

    The Multidots management had always wanted to host a similar event for the longest time now. However, with the onset of the pandemic and the remote work adoption, things couldn’t fall into place. After four whole years, the entire Multidots family was finally together to celebrate the journey that it has been.

    Udaipur – the “City of Lakes” and the “Venice of the East,” provided the perfect backdrop for the Multidots Grand Meetup 2023.

    Video recap – Multidots Grand Meetup 2023

    Day 1: Jet, Set, Go!

    The highly anticipated Grand Meetup kicked off when dots from all over the globe, gathered early in the morning in Ahmedabad, brimming with excitement and energy, to head to Udaipur. The six hours bus journey to the venue was filled with anticipation and chatter, as everyone was eager to reach the destination and start the event. The scenic route passing through the lush green landscapes, a little pitstop for snacks, and fun games only added to the excitement of the dots.

    Once arrived, all of us received the royal ‘Rajasthani’ welcome at the hotel’s reception. The hustle and bustle of dots checking into their respective rooms certainly announced our arrival at the property. After some rest, refreshments, and strolling around for others, everybody headed to the common area for the swag distribution ceremony. Dots were delighted to receive awesome goodies such as sweatshirts, T-shirts, laptop carry bags, and JBL earbuds.

    Next up was the introduction session where all dots introduced themselves in a manner that was unique to everyone. During this ice-breaking session, everyone had to pick a relatable adjective starting with the first letter of their name and use the same to introduce themselves to the entire group, e.g. ‘Adventurous’ Anil. The dots had a gala time during this activity and they mingled well.

    Day 2: All work and much more play

    Day 2 at the Multidots Grand Meetup started at 7 AM with a mindful meditation session. Headed by the company’s CEO, Anil Gupta – the session was aimed at helping dots experience tranquility and peace as the sun rose whilst they meditated. The session paved way for them to learn to immerse and engage in mindfulness that awakens their senses and sets the tone for the day.

    After some food for their mind and hearts, dots were ready to attend the company presentation sessions and re-align themselves with the vision and objectives of the organization.

    Followed by sessions that offered key insights, the day was about to get even better. The meetup organizing team had a lot of fun events planned for the day. One of these was an extempore stage play, AdMac – requiring dots to market and sell quirky products using humor and quick planning/scripting. Having a great time being a part of these fun stage plays, winning teams were rewarded and encouraged.

    Next up, dots again gathered at the conference hall for the company’s annual survey and team-wise meetups; exchanging ideas and opinions, everyone headed for the most awaited leg of the entire Meetup – the superhero-themed DJ party. Dressed as superheroes and superwomen, everyone grooved to their heart’s content and danced the night away.

    Day 3: Time to level up, personally & professionally

    Day 3rd at the Multidots Grand Meetup began with an Artificial Intelligence workshop by the CEO – discussing the scope and usage of trending AI tools for employees. Special emphasis was given to ChatGPT and helping dots master the tool to enhance research, communication, and concept implementation. The workshop also provided valuable information and practical tips that could be applied to real-world scenarios, especially at work, and level up our individual performances.

    The highlight of the day was the Ask-me-Anything session where questions were posed to CEO and CTO, Anil Gupta, and Aslam Multani, respectively. It was moderated by Jeremy Fremont, posing questions about the company’s plans, culture, and some other light-hearted fun topics, on behalf of the dots. The session lasted an hour, and the founders had much to share, suggest, and advise.

    The AMA session was quite insightful and informative for the dots. The session highlighted the company’s commitment to its employees and its efforts to stay ahead of traditional company practices by focusing on peaceful growth and aligning with everybody’s sense of purpose and accomplishment. The annual survey results came in and the dots dispersed for local sightseeing and shopping. By now, the sun was about to set and after networking a little more and sharing their overall experience for the Meetup, everybody called it a day.

    Day 4: And it was time to go…

    All good things come to an end – and so did our Multidots Grand Meetup 2023. On the last day of the event, dots got together for the last time during the event and took group photographs to mark the memory of this amazing trip to Udaipur and the wonderful time spent together as an open and interactive work family.

    Once checked out of the property, the dots headed back to Ahmedabad – with bouts of memories, a huge learning curve, and a plethora of new insights on how to build an outstanding professional and personal lifestyle. The Multidots Grand Meetup was a celebration of the coming together of 70+ team members in ways that were equally fun and informative.

    This was a great opportunity for the company to align all dots with the vision and objectives of the organization, and have fun – of course!

    Last but not the least, all the dots were thankful to Multidots and the organizing HR team for coming up with this super-amazing event that is etched in our minds forever.

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