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    It was 25th December 2013 when whole world celebrated Christmas – a birth of Jesus Christ. We at Multidots had celebrated this day in it’s own unique way. We love fun, we are emotional and we are vibrant and so our celebration is. This Christmas was an awesome day with full of fun, enjoyment and all the great and unique experiences we can think of.A team of volunteers took charge to this and planned all the best activities for this day. We have invited the family members of team to join the celebration. We all enjoyed the day with lots of great activities.

    Visit to Church

    90% from our team had never visited a church so all were eagerly willing for it. We visited a church near by. Father has shared few great things about the Christmas and the experience at Church was so relaxing and peaceful.

    The Santa Claus

    Bhavin – one of the most funny and innocent member of our team costumed himself as Santa Claus. We made lot of fun playing with him. Children at Church, at Street and at office had enjoyed a lot with our Santa. He made pictures of the events more colourful and smiling.

    Joy of Giving

    On this day, Children awaits for the gifts from Santa. So, we decided to buy toys, chocolates and other good stuff for the small Children. Each Dots had wrapped the gifts by their own hands and it was great satisfaction and proud for noble work for them. We travelled on the streets near by our office and handed the gifts to poor Children by Santa Claus. It was the most satisfying experience.

    The Drama

    Our team had prepared a nice drama that explains the birth of Jesus and story behind Christmas. It was truly amazing. Starting from the rehearsal to final performance, we enjoyed every moment. This was the very first attempt in our office where team had practised a drama and performed with lights, music and real costumes. It had reminded us those college days and celebrations of college days. The drama team had played it well and it was so perfect and entertaining. People from the near by offices also came to watch it. This was one of the best experience we ever had.

    Fun with Games

    Plenty of good games had been planned by – Virendra, Umesh, Neha, Chirag and crew members. We played few great games that was the most funny experience. All of the games were unique and most enjoyable.


    This was the most emotional and courageous. We set up few minutes and floor where anyone can confess anything related to their past, sins and mistakes. Everybody had shown their guts to share and it was the most emotional time. People have admitted their mistakes, asked for forgiveness and most important everybody opened up without any hesitation.


    At the end, we all went for “Dhoom – 3” at CineMax. It was too a good experience.

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