Dots’ COVID Diary – When we defeated COVID!

Dots’ COVID Diary – When we defeated COVID! Img

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    When the world was booming at every front, the deadly global pandemic, COVID-19, happened. No one, in their dream, ever thought such a day would come. Globally, 172 million cases of COVID-19 have been reported so far. 3.2 million people have lost their battle to COVID-19 and have departed to heaven.

    These numbers are scary enough to give a chill in your spine. What if you get tested positive for COVID-19? Will you lose hope or fight with it? Some of the most skilled and valued team members of Multidots had fallen into the clutches of COVID-19. We had a close chat with them, listened to their experience, and have curated the most useful information in this.

    As COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate and can seize anyone into its clutches, it is wise to learn from the experiences of those who have faced it personally. So, pay attention to what we’re going to say next in this post.

    Look at the brighter side

    Before anything else, let us tell you one thing. At Multidots, we believe that there is always something good in everything. All the Multidots team members, i.e. Dot(s), have a strong belief in this philosophy. So, when some of us were detected with this notorious virus, we saw the positive side. Our team members paid attention to the facts that:

    • The recovery rate and survival rate is too high in COVID-19;
    • Early and right treatments is the key;
    • Self-isolation can be used productively;
    • It is wise to stay indoors sometimes rather than living in fear always.

    All of the Dots, who were infected with COVID-19 implemented these strategies and were able to win over them. Now, let’s talk about some of the real-life tips and techniques to deal with COVID-19 and cope up with the isolation period.

    Keep an eye on the symptoms

    We, and many other experts, have quoted multiple times that early detection is the key in dealing with COVID-19. For this, it is wise to know the symptoms of COVID-19. Based upon the severity, the symptoms are categorized into three categories: 

    Most Common (Minor) Symptoms – Fever, dry cough, and tiredness are the most common symptoms of COVID-19. Most of our teammates faced minor symptoms of COVID-19. 

    Less Common (Mild) Symptoms – Symptoms like body aches & pains, skin rash, diarrhea, headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, Conjunctivitis, and fingers or toes discoloration are less common symptoms of COVID-19. Janki Moradiya from our team had a few symptoms out of these. Some even get migraines, like Nishit Langaliya from our team. 

    Severe Symptoms – In some cases, people might face issues like difficulty in breathing, chest pain, short breaths, and problems in speaking or movement. These symptoms, when ignored, can be proved fatal and deadly. 

    Once you’re aware of the symptoms, it is highly suggested to keep a watch over them. It is wise to go for an RT-PCR test as soon as the minor symptoms appear. 

    Medical experts, across the world, have started again and again that the first 3-5 days, after getting infected, are very crucial. Those who have managed to identify the presence of the virus during this period have a great recovery ratio. Also, it prevents the worsening of things. 

    Key Note – These are the overview of symptoms and intensity that varies from person to person. Some patients can face other issues, which are not listed here. For instance, Parth Bhayani faced pneumonia after 3-4 days. So, it is advised to keep a close watch on the changes happening in the body and not ignore them.

    Develop a healthy routine

    Once you’ve gone through the RT-PCR test and tested positive for COVID-19, your next step should be having a healthy routine for a speedy recovery. Even if you haven’t tested positive but have unignorable symptoms, we suggest you take proper care and medication.

    Here’s what we suggest:


    For a while, keep your work aside and try to take as much rest as possible. A relaxed body is ready to battle with COVID-19 and increases your chance of winning. So, don’t over-exert your body and take time off. 

    Not to exaggerate, but if your body needs it, sleeping for even 12 or 14 hours a day is fine. Rishi Shah from our team found it very relaxing during his quarantine period.

    Track and Control your Oxygen Level:

    One of the major concerns in COVID patients is the dropped oxygen level. If ignored, it can be proved life-threatening. However, one can deal with it by practicing pranayama and deep breathing exercises. In addition, practicing mediation is also highly recommended. It keeps the mind calm and controlled.

    Take ample fluids:

    Keep on drinking water, juicing, coconut water, lemon juice, or any other fluid whichever you feel like having. Dehydration is the worst enemy of COVID-19. To kill it in the initial stage, try to drink 4-5 liters of liquids, in any form. However, try not to consume anything cold. 

    Avoid Chest Congestion:

    Take steam twice or thrice a day to clear the nasal passage. Anjali Rai from the Multidots team tried this method and found it very effective.

    A few team members, like Harsh Bhatt, considered taking Ayurvedic medicines alongside properly following the allopathic course.

    Have a balanced diet:

    Try to include sprouts, salads, pulses, and other nutritious items in your meal. Also, make sure that you’re not overeating. It’s wise to break your meals into small portions. Eat at regular intervals. Soups like Drumsticks, moong gram, beet, and tomato are also good for such time, as per Himali Patel’s experience.

    Self-isolation is for everyone’s good

    This one is a brainer. We all know that self-isolation is one of the most viable ways to stop the spread of infection within a family or community. What many of us don’t know is that it’s not a punishment. From the past year, we have come across with few cases wherein people have remained reluctant for self-isolation. If used rightly, the self-isolation period can be very fruitful as well.

    Kushal Dave at Multidots figured out a very interesting way to deal with self-isolation. He manifested a positive mindset by murmuring these two sentences every morning.

    I have to win over COVID-19

    I am going to recover soon as no one is going to stop me

    He connected with old friends and family, which wasn’t possible during his tight work schedule, and watched his favorite shows. Binge-watching series, listening to music, and re-living hobbies are some of the most viable ways to have an enjoyable self-isolation. 

    On the contrary, Umesh Gupta from our team thinks that switching off phones and staying away from social media or any kind of digital interactions helped him a lot.

    In the end, it’s up to you to decide which way is more suitable in keeping you calm.

    Don’t give up too soon

    We know it is hard to maintain healthy practices like washing hands, wearing masks, and maintaining social distances. But, still, hold on to them as they are the most viable ways to combat COVID-19 and conquer it. 

    For the sake of others safety, try not to visit the crowded place from the day symptoms start showing off. 

    In many cases, it has been witnessed that people, who have lost smell & taste, don’t feel like eating. Even their favorite food won’t be an encouragement. However, we suggest not doing this. No matter how hard it seems, keep on taking adequate food. It is required to keep weakness in a way.

    Kushal from our team figured out an interesting way out. He started watching his favorite comedy shows while eating. This way, he was able to keep his mind away from the taste of the food. It’s a smart move to be adopted. 

    Keep negativity at bay

    Positivity can move movements and we also agree to this. To beat COVID-19, it is very essential to be mentally fit. But, negativity is like a virus of your mind that makes it dead from the inside and slows everything, even the recovery. So, if you want to defeat COVID-19, defeat negativity first.

    Though it could be a little daunting when you’re affected by a virus that has already done a lot of damage and is changing its face every time it enters into another body, it’s not impossible. You can do it by simply:

    Turning off social media – In this time of crisis, social media was more of a pain and less of relief. There are many fake stories, false information, and negativity present on social media, regarding COVID-19. So, it’s better to take a break from this.

    Trust Professionals – Don’t try to doctor by yourself and Google the test results or your vitals. Doctor Google will display all the possibilities of those reports and as you’re not a medical expert, your mind will pay attention to the negative aspects immediately. You will start judging your situations as per Google search results. This will only give you stress. The most dependable source, when health is concerned, is your physician or doctor. Always share your fears and apprehensions with them.

    Ending Notes

    We all are in a tough situation and it takes a lot to deal with it. Other than getting physical trauma, COVID-19 causes tons of mental suffering. The irony is the poor mental state will have a huge impact on the physical recovery as well. So, once you get tested positive with COVID-19 then it’s essential to keep the mind clear and stress-free.

    As a COVID-19 patient, one must maintain a positive mindset, keep negativity at bay, stay in touch with people who will make you happy, and practice a healthy routine. Many of our teammates, at Multidots, adopted all these things and emerged as a winner. If they can do it, you can also do it!

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