An Eventful Business Trip to the UK – Insights, learnings and more

An Eventful Business Trip to the UK – Insights, learnings and more Img

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    Business trips have been part of Anil’s role as the CEO at Multidots. Trips are regular and so is the regime of catching up with people.

    He recently paid a visit to the United Kingdom for another business trip, this being the first in Europe. But this one was special, really special. Because it solved two very important purposes – We got a chance to be a part of WordCamp, Manchester and Anil took the opportunity to personally meet a few of our key clients. It was a span of a happening month, and he has a lot to talk about it.

    Client Visits

    6, age-old clients, a number of happy hours, work talk, fun, leisure and further business plans! Nothing can be as strikingly good as time spent with people, you always wanted to meet. As a tribute to the strong bond that we created with them over the years, Anil had carried customized goodies for them.

    Not to brag here, but it was good to flattered a bit by their opinions about us and our team. Jokes apart, it was always a happy moment to be appreciated by your key clients. A glimpse of unbiased feedback here –

    They thought, our processes were fluent….a factor that decides, how well planned and implemented their projects were. Adding to this, they were impressed by our prompt response in times of need and communication, good enough to keep away communication gaps.

    The WordCamp


    Heck! It was fun. Anil had the opportunity to play speaker at WordCamp, Manchester, this while. He was taken well among the audience, for one good thing. And for another, it was a totally novel kind of experience for him, as he puts it.

    The crowd was good, skills were excellence and talent showed. Let us not forget the slowly brewing network that was formed. Well, no…We won’t term it network. Friendships and ties were formed. And it got cushioned by group outings, warm breakfasts and a lot more.

    Local Meet-ups

    Post-conference meet-ups have a different air about them. You have shed off the initial barrier and now, get ready to bond with people at an entirely different level. Anil attended 4 local meet-ups at different places and was a speaker at one of them. There, he shared his insights about the conception and growth of Multidots as a WordPress web development agency. Here are the four meet-ups he attended:

    The Way Ahead

    The UK visit was enough to reiterate the fact that we want to do more of it, more frequently. So the next plan is to attend other conferences at Udaipur and Spain. Anil is planning a trip to London once more so that he gets more time to meet clients who he had to give a skip this time. Here are his upcoming visits

    • WordCamp Udaipur
    • Romania and London for Client Visits
    • PHP Conference in London
    • The Mobile World Congress in Spain

    So that’s the goal now, well, Anil’s professional goal – travel, learn, represent Multidots, network, do some quick business and enjoy in elaboration, what life has to give on these short trips.

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