Fruit-Fun Festival Enjoyed by Dots Family

Fruit-Fun Festival Enjoyed by Dots Family Img

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    Celebrating anniversaries, birthdays and festive seasons has been an absorbing trend for almost every small and big organizations. This kind of moral up-bringing and recognitions boosts up the motivation level and additionally gets the office environment really work-while conjointly. These celebrations are mere options which leave the individuals of the organizations to spend good time with mix of healthy food.

    Multidots has one more time come up with “Fruit-Fun Festival” where the Dots enjoyed having varied fruits all the day while working and spending quality time with each other. The employees took time from their busy schedule and went to gather fruits. It included all seasonal fruits such as Strawberry, Apple, Grapes, Pineapple, Banana and few more to complete the list. It’s true saying that keeping yourself healthy can boost your work productivity and fills in new zeal & energy in your body.

    This event was held at intervals of time period during office hours so that all the employees can continue with their projects. The joy of being together with people who are your mates is simply fabulous! And this was exactly how it was, the DOTS enjoyed while staying together and spending awareness about “Keeping Good Health”. This was a great and amazingly wonderful way to celebrate with colleagues which encouraged them. Every small and middle level organization is churning hard while finding ways to keep their employees enjoy corporate life in best possible and memorable way. This is very much beneficial to keep the employees emotionally attached with each other.

    This festival have been proved so much successful that the company has deiced to put-up and organizing such more festivals and events, so that the teams can enjoy staying with each other while work.

    Lay your eyes to how these dots have spent this wonderful day, by checking the photo gallery at bottom.

    Such photographs are one of the most important part of your memories. They are cheerful and prove more subtle to your life memories. These photos captured in a jinni box can keep them alive forever. Right from capturing the most beautiful moments of your life to making them your life long memories that will always re kindle your memories of office-friendly atmosphere.

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