The onset of year 2018 has brought new challenges for the business. One among them is GDPR- General Data Protection Regulation; a set of rules designed by the European Parliament, the Council of European Union and the European Commission, to be introduced in May 2018.

Multidots has taken an initiative to reaching out its customers to help them comply with GDPR guidelines by establishing a system for them accordingly.

Multidots team has undergone a training by experts to understand the business impact of GDPR and prepared themselves to serve the customers on changes necessary to comply with the GDPR norms.

The team also conducted joint sessions on the key components involved in GDPR. It helped customers in preparing themselves in becoming GDPR compliant. Multidots emphasizes on the following preparedness pointers to be taken care of by the companies:

  1. Steps to be taken for securing of data
  2. Filter the data and archive only the useful data
  3. Apply security checks across each level of the infrastructure
  4. The Documentation to be verified and reviewed
  5. Establishing process to handle personal data

It has been found in a research that approx. 80% of the companies either know nothing or have really few details about GDPR. These regulations are applicable to all the organizations or companies irrespective of them either being part of EU or not being part of EU.

Multidots has prepared a team of professionals, for those companies which are unaware about the buzzing topic – GDPR, which would be impacting the businesses having direct or indirect dealing with the countries of European Union. The team of professionals is prepared in such a manner that any number of companies approaching them would be getting the solutions, adhering to the regulations of GDPR.

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