Multicollab: Google Doc-Style Editorial Commenting Plugin for WordPress

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    Multidots has more reasons to be exalted as we have succeeded to endow the world with a Google Doc-style editing commenting tool in WordPress. Yes, it’s for your Gutenberg Editor. We have named it Multicollab. 

    With this plugin by your side, the hectic task of writing documents on a different platform, getting it reviewed, and finally, publishing it as a blog post or drafting it in Gutenberg – won’t be required anymore. You will be able to draft the blog post, get it reviewed and edit it within Gutenberg.

    Multicollab was initially released with a few features in October 2020. On 26th February 2021, Multidots launched a full-featured version of this tool. The plugin is also featured on WordPress VIP’s Technology Partners.

    Criticality of Google doc-style Commenting Plugin for Editors

    40% of the sites around the web use WordPress for publishing their stand-alone blog posts to content-intensive news and more. However, publishing content while receiving suggestions from all stakeholders and feedback from editors is still not an easy task. 

    For each of the blog post review iterations, creators share their content as offline documents or a tool like Google Docs. Editors use commenting and plain text (emails or files) to share their feedback in this review/validation process.

    Do you realize how time-consuming and tiring this process is?

    Now, imagine using WordPress Google Doc-Style Gutenberg Block Commenting Plugin. It is built to streamline the collaboration and commenting for Gutenberg by enabling it to have Google-doc-style features.

    Multicollab is a brainchild of Multidots and the result of our dire wish to solve the above problem for creators and publishers. This plugin allows clients or key stakeholders to add their comments directly for Gutenberg blocks. With time, we will enhance this WordPress plugin and at the same time, we expect the community’s participation in helping us make it better.

    More About Multicollab

    Multicollab is a quality tool of its own kind. It is going to make sharing feedback and comments a less tedious and more effective job. The plugin has boosted content collaboration in WordPress. Using Multicollab with Gutenberg is like leveraging the features of Google Docs and WordPress together. WPTavern has covered it in detail too.

    Currently available for WordPress Gutenberg editor, Multicollab 1.1.0 works wonderfully with most of the Gutenberg blocks, including the paragraph block, image block, captions, verse block, table block (and its caption), media & text, quote block, list block, audio block (and its caption), button block, headings block, file block, and cover block.

    Compatible with these Gutenberg Blocks

    This plugin is compatible with a range of Gutenberg blocks allowing comments to be placed across a large section of your content.

    • Paragraph Block
    • Image Block (Caption)
    • Pullquote Block
    • List Block
    • Cover Block
    • Verse Block
    • Table Block (Caption)
    • Audio Block (Caption)
    • Button Block
    • Headings Block
    • File Block (File name)
    • Media & Text
    • Quote Block

    The recent version is more feature-packed this time. It is highly optimized and comes with an enhanced commenting feature. For instance, one can add popup suggestions for specific text. You can also enjoy asynchronous commenting in the latest version. 

    This plugin is compatible with WordPress Multisite

    It’s Loved by WordPress Community!

    Multicollab is winning everyone’s hearts. Before we go in-depth and explain its features to you, see a few social proofs. After all, in the era of social media, everyone cares about the virtual world’s acceptability a lot. We also do.
    John Blackbourn shared his feedback about Multicollab on Twitter:

    I’ve been waiting for this for a while! Google Docs-style commenting within the WordPress block editor. It looks very fully-featured for a first version.

    John Blackbourn (@johnbillion) November 21, 2020

    After that, a lot of Tweeters seemed impressed by our Google Doc-Style Editorial Commenting for WordPress. See for yourself:

    Key Features of Multicollab (Lite-version)

    Multicollab has managed to gain such immense positive responses from the public because of its amazing features. The features are impressive and viable at the same time. Watch this video on Youtube.

    Some of the key features of the Multicollab Plugin are:

    • Inline commenting in posts & Page.
    • Mentioning of team members in comments.
    • Sending replies to others’ comments.
    • Easy comment-resolving facility by marking as done.
    • Specific assignments of comments.
    • In-build email notification for every comment activity.
    • Option for hiding comments at the time of publishing.
    • Checking open comments.

    When used correctly and in full capacity, all these features are going to take your content-collaboration practices to a whole new level. It would be more insightful and impactful. 

    The plugin is designed to work with the majority of Gutenberg blocks so that editorial commenting can be done on a larger scale. Quote, block, paragraph block, heading, media & text, cover block, file block, verse block, and list block are few names to be taken.

    key features of Multicollab (Premium)

    • Comment on Media: Ability to comment on any media while editing new posts or pages.
    • Email Notifications: Enable email notifications for new comments and mentions.
    • Suggestion Mode: Document your content creation process by using suggestion mode.
    • Advanced Reports: Simply review your editorial workflow with advanced reporting features and transparent data points.

    Go ahead and try the new Premium version today! We hope you enjoy the new features.

    A boon for content collaboration

    Multicollab is going to a real-gamer changer for the ecosystem where multiple teams are part of content review and extensive editing is required. With Multicollab, such organizations will have a centralized content reviewing platform where they can share a comment, work collaboratively, and share reviews in the least possible efforts. 

    Using this simple plugin, one can eliminate many mundane steps of editing. For instance, there is no need to intimate other editors about a new comment. Auto notification will be sent. 

    Super Administrators, Administrators, and Editors can add or delete the comments on a single document using this plugin. 
    If you are an author or contributor of content then this plugin allows you to add, edit, delete, reply, and resolve your comments within Gutenberg.

    How it works?

    After reading all these good things about Multicollab, you must be excited to try it. Then here is good news for you. Using it is as easy as flipping a pancake. See this quick tutorial:

    Here are the steps to be followed in written:

    Step 1 – Get the WordPress version higher than 5.3 on your system. Make sure you are using Edge, Chrome, or Firefox browser.  

    Step 2 – Download the latest version of the Plugin and install it. 

    Step 3 – Generate a new post or try editing an existing one.  

    Step 4 – Pick text to add a comment. 

    Step 5 – From the dropdown menu, select the ‘Comment’ option and start adding comments on the selected text. 

    Step 6 – Use @mention to assign comments to the selected team members and send them invitations for collaboration. 

    Step 7 – Notified via email whenever a new comment is posted. 
    Editing content in WordPress was never as easy as it is with Multicollab. As far as content resolving is concerned, it can only be done by resolving the comment thread or by comment deletion. Comments can also be deleted by removing the entire text.

    Things to keep in mind

    We know that you must be excited to try this cut-above and advance plugin for your WordPress content. But, hold on for a second and read carefully what we are going to tell you. 

    To make most of Multicollab, make sure that you are using WordPress versions 5.3 to 5.6. For PHP users, recommended versions are 7.0 to 7.4. Also, take note that it will not work on WordPress Classic Editor. 

    Extensive testing has been done on all these product versions. We, at Multidots, suggest using Multicollab on them only. However, you can use it on other WordPress versions at your own risk. 

    Helping You Through and Through.

    Multidots team is highly dedicated to building powerful and useful WordPress aids. At the same time, we believe in educating users to make full use of our products. For this newly launched innovative plugin as well, we offer free download and live demo. The live demo is really helpful and explains every bit of this newbie in the town. 

    Still, having troubles? They have a responsive customer care support system to help you out.  So, try it today. 

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