Multidots first ever MDQAthon: Inception to Achieve Excellence

Multidots first ever MDQAthon: Inception to Achieve Excellence Img

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    We are very delighted to announce that Multidots has conducted first ever MDQAthon on 22 June 2018. It was a 12-hour long event where our testers brainstormed hard, pushing their imagination to find out new ways to solve challenges.  

    The event was conducted with an aim to provide an opportunity to the testers to discover their potential, which they might not be able to acknowledge while being in their routine schedule.

    The event started with the tech presentation where participants presented the topics that are trending in the software industry. Most of the topics covered testing trends while others included Google lens, continuous integration, and an ongoing project which implemented GDPR, monetization technique etc.

    It continued with the selection of members into different teams. They were given a ratio board for heir overall MDQAthon activities. The focused test included – functional tests, User Interface, Security tests and the areas where test were to be performed included – cloud app testing, accessibility testing, analyzing API requests, network traffic etc. The teams used various trending test tools for that purpose.

    Event’s mid time was packed with fun-filled activities – playing with props, clicking selfies with props, dance activities, etc.

    In the second half, different teams presented their bug reports highlighting different aspects for detecting different types of bugs, along with various quality standards that the testers are required to be aware of.

    Later, the internal judges reviewed the presentations presented by different teams.

    The whole event was a great success and it concluded with the result declaration and experience sharing by different team members.

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