It was a day filled with lots of excitements and fun moments for the whole team of Multidots to experience 26 hr work challenge. This event was organized in-house, with an aim to enhance cross-department coordination, overcome hidden barriers, effective time management, and resource planning and to challenge our own capacity in working long hours and with the same energy.

The event commenced with team briefings, Project definition review and the recap of the guidelines laid for this event. There were approximately 15 members per team which covered functional team members, developers, QA and Business Analyst.

The judges’ panel members interacted vividly throughout the event with each participant to understand their task planning, their role, work volume and timeline, a process they might have set up internally, etc. The event continued in a seamless flow with the organizers conducting quick engaging activities at different intervals, for the participants of the event.

The event concluded with various team representatives presenting their respective projects and handbooks to all the participants of the event. 8 projects and handbooks combined made their way to the final voting where winners were categorized as first runner-up, second runner-up and the winner. The tool was given award separately.

As team building was the coherent part of this event, it gave an opportunity to the dots in knowing their colleagues closely; at the same time, to come up with innovative tools and enhance their own skills.

The projects were very well documented in the handbook and the teams illustrated a really commendable spirit in the teamwork.

HR & Admin team, the organizing committee, did a wonderful job with a good synchronization and arrangements of the smallest needs, including refreshments, entertainment healthy breaks and other facilities.

The bright and shining faces of all the Dots even after 26 hours, themselves talked about the success of the event. All the Dots are looking forward to more such useful and skill-building events.

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Multidots is full service enterprise software development company with services revolving around consulting, enterprise-grade custom application development, custom mobile and cloud applications to automated and manual testing. We are proud to have served mid-sized to large enterprises including Fortune 500 Companies in our clientele.


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