Multidots Inc. – Our Latest Global Incarnation!

Multidots Inc. – Our Latest Global Incarnation! Img

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    Connecting Dots throughout the globe to carve out an enticing picture, Multidots has always been the leading solution provider for its diverse clientele.

    With the complete grasp on cutting-edge technologies and a sound strategy-making approach, our team has helped multiple businesses in establishing, till the date. We are always passionate about firmly setting our clients in the online landscape.

    Pitching up, to hustle at International Grounds!

    In our journey of around a decade, that’s the most exciting phase to live. A much-awaited, though the early-achieved chapter is finally glued to our glorious storybook!

    We are now officially ‘incorporation’, registered in the USA. It was needed to ensure flawless performance and customer satisfaction in the US. Our team is excited to look closely at the requirements of our international clients and provide them with the overwhelming and more fitting solutions.

    Multidots’ Story on Timeline

    In these 8 years, we have grown in terms of employees, technologies, clients, office space, reach, recognition, community, and contributions. We started small but were fast and proficient enough to expand to a legendary size of enterprise in this short span of time.

    From planning the business to the maintenance of its digital identities, from small businesses to large enterprises, from websites to applications, and from initialization of your business to later end-to-end support – Multidots’ is available for the customers whenever they need. We have gathered enough resources and innovative professionals to help you out in all the phases on running a business online.

    Currently, Multidots is offering a wide range of custom application solutions and consulting services for all type of customers, regardless of their geographic location.

    Our custom eCommerce solutions are solving the issues and bringing fame to the individuals, e-commerce websites and multiple other businesses from many years. Multidots’ team of certified Android Developers ensures to deliver the best android apps for every type of industry and purpose. We are always eager to share and deliver our expertise on enterprise application development with key expertise on core technology platforms. Apart from these, our experts have delivered demonstrable apps on iwatch and smart watch along with achieving skills on cutting edge platforms like IoT, Cloud Applications, etc.

    Developing the best solutions for Beacon, mobility, publishing, SaaS, utilities and Social marketing – we are evolving on a continual and fast rate.

    Our learning zeal and craving for perfection has taken us to another level in just 8 years, and we promise you that Multidots will always be their favorite vendor as we currently are.

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