Social Face of Multidots – Old Age Home Visit

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    Saturday was the day. The thought was rooted long time back in minds of Anil Gupta, Aslam Multani, Jaldip Upadhyay. It was regarding arranging some event that connects us to the society. On alternate working Saturdays, we normally do activities for personal growth. But when it came to doing a social activity, we thought visiting an “Old Age Home” would be a great experience. The idea floated in stand-up meeting and everybody agreed. We decided to prepare food packets – Thepla & Namkeen with Jaggery packets. The important and kind of “Mission Impossible” part of the task was to prepare around 1000 Thepla and pack them properly, in less than 6 hours of time. But Mutidots stood united against this challenge, every dot contributed to their best, and finally we achieved our goal at right time.

    Then we reached the old age home located at a small distance from our office, and distributed food packets, forming two groups, in every room, to every elderly person. There were around 200 elderly people, deserted from their own homes, by their own blood. Their faces were glittering with joy when we met them and bent to take their blessings. They found us closer to themselves than their own children. The feeling that we all experienced there is unexplainable. After distributing the food packets and meeting them all, we all were standing in the large prayer hall when the trustee and founding member of the old age home, Farshubhai, came to see us. He is a business tycoon and respected personality in Gujarat. He told us about the place and different incidences that happen with old people due to which they have to take shelter in old age home. It was truly a touching speech, and he made us take a very noble pledge there. Then we departed with a group photo and lots of memories and lessons for lifetime.

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