Multidots Culture is all about performance and making people feel good/comfortable… Employee engagement is the correct way to make your workplace live and gratifying. In last few months, we aligned some, magnificent events to enhance employees Creativity & their interest and they all performed very gracefully.

Let’s take a look t those stupendous memories:

1. Food Fiesta

Food brings people together.
Our Dots have a great cooking skill. In February month we arranged a grand event for our Foodie dots. “Food Fiesta”
Every dot presented their dishes with the different ideas and converts the whole ambiance into Food Paradise. What a Delightful event it was !

2. Mannequin Challenge: There is a stillness between all of us.

In Month of April, we think to take a challenge to kill our boredom with some unique idea. We put ourselves in a Pausing Mode and Shoot a great Mannequin Video. That was a great Frozen Moment.

3. 8th Anniversary @ Imagica On 1st May 2017, MD Completed 8 years of achievement.

Believe in Work Hard – Party harder !!! Hence on MD’s 8th Anniversary, we together had a memorable & freezing journey to Imagica !!!

4. Nonsense Nonstop: Sometimes there is a fun to behave like a quirky.

Last month we played a very humorous game ” Nonsense Nonstop”. Was a Funniest event ever we held at MD. That is a great fun to become a kid again and enjoy just like anything.

5.MOVIE TIME: We all see the movie “Dear Zindagi” together.

The movie is all about the mindset of millennials. And how they treat themselves when they face the tough situations. So, Basically, this movie is all about spreading awareness for the mental health and to know the importance of the thought process.

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