WCEU 2018 : The verve is just around the corner

WCEU 2018 : The verve is just around the corner Img

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    The much-awaited event WordCamp Europe is near and the WordPress Community is on fever pitch to be part of this enthralling buzz. Belgrade, one of the wonderful places located at the heart of Serbia, is hosting WordPress Europe, 2018. Usually, WordCamps attract a plethora of thinkers, speakers and WordPress enthusiasts from around the globe and this time it is likely to gain more such like-minded people. FYI, it is a two days event scheduled for June 14-16, 2018.

    Session to be highlighted:

    • Accessibility & SEO : Brief about the fundamentals of accessibility and its benefits. Review differing abilities; generate user stories, discussing best practices for design & development, prototyping ideas and discuss about getting help. It will be an overview of how to start with accessibility and helping out with it. How to use SEO practices in a smart manner to increase the traffic and audience of a website.
    • Dependency Injections : Solving the real pain points of the development work – discussing the fundamental principles of dependency injections and discover useful design patterns.
    • Voice search and conversational interfaces : Improving the findability of the content, learning the use of semantic intelligent content, why intelligent content is important for AI and ML applications; optimize the content for Voice search and PDAs, building chatbots and analyze their performance etc.
    • Gutenberg : The introduction of Gutenberg in WordPress 5.0 has also introduced the concept of blocks. Taking a deep dive into the nitty-gritty of the blocks.
    • Personal Growth : Enhancing Mindfulness for WordPress around the globe, how to manage the expectations and overcome depression.
    • Content & Branding : Creating user-generated content for your WordPress Website – blog post, photos, reviews, videos etc. how to develop the content marketing strategy for exponential growth of a business.
    • Privacy and Data Protection : Discussion about GDPR – how to use it for better protection of data, an overview of the latest legal requirements about data (collection, processing, retention, and sharing) and its transit (cookies, analytics, and telemetry), workflows across plugins, themes, websites and different apps.
    • Growing WordPress product business : Planning the strategy to grow the product business, preparing for setbacks and time management, financial forecasting, breaking down a complicated idea into simpler forms to be easily understood by the developers or marketers. Define qualitative vs. quantitative forecasts, a regression-based analysis in the context of WordPress business-specific applications.

    You could get to know more about Multidots Inc. by collaborating with our COO Aslam Multani at the WordCamp.

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