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    We dedicate this post to the members of our team who have worked hard to make our anniversary event smooth, successful, enjoyable and most entertaining. We are very fortunate and lucky to have the team members like you in Multidots. We truly appreciate your spirit, energy, interest and great participation on our anniversary celebration. You all have done a phenomenal work and made this event most enjoyable and memorable.

     We have some specialised notes for you all and we are very feel very happy to put it here.

    Mayuri, Rajvi – Thank you very much for all your efforts  that you have put up to finalize the Resort and Bus. There were many coordination needed and you both have done it quite well.

    Sonali, Nidhi, Ravi, Afsana – We have asked you to take care of the activities, games and major aspect of the scheduling the days on resort to make it more effective. We must say you did it perfectly well. All the ideas that you came up with were quite interesting. Though, we have enjoyed every event and performance very much but we specially liked the song – “Multidots ni Nagari” and the drama on the history of the Multidots. We are so happy that we had appointed you to manage this part and you have made proud to us by doing this so great.

    Yasin, Hiral –  You are the heroes of the event. The way you both managed so many things like photography, sound and music, arranging the necessary things to event and so forth. We heartily thank you for your kind support and help in taking care of so many thing in the event.

    Kaushik, Prashant – Thank you to both of you for taking the lead on this event. You both did good management and motivation to make the overall event successful.

    Nirmal, Parth, Chirag Patel, Yasin– We thank you to you for all small-big arrangements that you have done and needed for the event. We would not have enjoyed such a smooth event without your efforts. Thank you so much to you three.

    Bhavin & Savan Koradia – Thank you so much Bhavin & Savan for adding the flavors of Music in the event. Your contribution and participation in songs and other events had made the event alive. Your energy has motivated everyone in the event.

    Gautam, Narendra, Prashant –  We enjoyed the funny awards and specially the creative photography you have done. Thank you so much for adding the fun factor in this event.

    Dishant –  Thank you very much Dishant for arranging the beautiful cake.

    Participants – All the participants who have performed and presented their talents and entertained all of us; we want to say BIG thank you to all of you.

    Savan Koradia – Thanks for playing nice piano.

    Kaushik, Nirmal, Sonali, Nidhi, Mayuri, Ravi, Bhavin, Ujash, Hiral, Bhavarsingh, Rajvi, Afsana – Thanks for singing the lovely songs. There was harmony in the air because of you and we got to know this hidden talent.

    Afsana, Ujash, Chirag Patel, Mayur, Bhavin, Nirmal, Mayank, Yasin, Mithun, Hiren, Rajvi, Savan (Koradia), Bhavarsingh, Parash, Sonali, Mayuri, Nirmal – It was great drama to enjoy. You all have presented it so nice and it was great feeling to go into the flash back of Multidots. We are very grateful for presenting this.

    Kaushik, Yasin, Bhavarsingh, Hiral, Parash (& wife), Sonali, Nidhi, Mayuri, Nirmal, Ravi, Rajvi, Afsana– You guys/gals had rocked the floor. We enjoyed your moves, jumps and all the weird  things you did in the name of dance 

    Mithun – We enjoyed the best act and your mimicry. You were just amazing.

    Bhavin, Rajanikant, Sandip, Dharmesh – It was one of  the funniest drama we have enjoyed. Thanks for spreading so much fun and making the event so delightful.

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